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{Uncensored} Bahsid McLean la Photo Ko Che: Is Case Real Photo Available on Social Media? Check Now!

The write-up below is a detailed case study about Bahsid McLean la Photo Ko Che. We also discussed his acceptance of his crime and the public’s reaction.

Who leaked the photos of Bahsid McLean? A horrible picture of Bahsid is circulating on different platforms, and people from Vietnam and worldwide are shocked to uncover the story behind that photo.

People got their jaws dropped, and if you want to know the reason behind the Bahsid McLean la Photo Ko Che case, keep up till the last.

Disclaimer- This detailed write-up does not promote any brutal or abusive activity. This piece of write-up is only for informational purposes.

What kind of Bahsid’s photo is going viral?

After ten years, Bahsid’s pictures have made people drop their jaws in Shock. A photo of Bahsid is going viral where he, in one hand, is holding his mother’s dismembered head. The picture is horrible to look at and give nightmare to anyone.

This photo first got posted on TikTok, and now it is all over the internet as people took no time to circulate it everywhere. People have strong opinions and reactions to this photo.

Information about the Bahsid McLean Case

10 years ago, when Bahsid was only 23 years ago, he stabbed his mother, Tanya Brad, to death. Then he gets the help of another guy to dismember his mother’s dead body in several pieces. His mother was 45 years old when this all happened and was living in the Bronx.

Later, he put the remains in the black garbage bag and scattered it over four areas near his neighborhood. He was last to remain with the head and posed and clicked a picture with it.

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What was the reaction of people to Bahsid McLean Real Photo?

When people first saw the photos 10 years back, they thought the picture was photoshopped as it was an inhuman and unacceptable thing. But once news about Bahsid broke out on the internet, people were well aware of the crime he committed.

Now that everyone already knew about this crime, many people stated that they felt sick after seeing the picture, and others said they were having sleepless nights and that what he did to his mother was just inhuman.

Bahsid McLean Case Court Trials

Bahsid was called to the New York court for his trials, where he was seen covered in a black garbage bag. When questioned about the homicide, Bahsid accepted all the crimes, how he stabbed his mother’s neck with a sharp object, and everything he did to his mother. Later, he added in this statement that he did nothing wrong.

He was sentenced to life, but his attorney asked the court for further investigation as, according to the attorney, there was a chance that Bahsid was innocent.

Judgment of Court on Bahsid McLean Case

The court ordered his imprisonment without getting any bail. They also asked the authorities to keep a watch on him as there was a chance that he could commit suicide.

They also permitted Bahsid to go with psychiatric help as this was not a human act.

The court listened to the attorney Bahsid about being guilty, so he was sent to imprisonment until the arrival of valid proof about his being innocent.

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According to the victim’s family, Bahsid bullied his mother and her other children. She did not want to live with him, which was why Bahsid took that action.

Can any possible situation make people do such things? Comment below.

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