Babydoge Coin Price 2021.

Babydoge Coin Price (July) How To Buy? Contract Address

Babydoge Coin Price (July) How To Buy? Contract Address >> Do you want to know about a coin that reached its all-time high value recently? Then read the below guide.

Do you want to know the coin details that doubled its price after Elon Musk’s tweet? Then your search will end here. On Thursday, Tesla chief Elon tweeted about Babydoge using viral lyrics of Baby Shark song as “Babydoge doo doo doo” immediately it became hot news in India and the United States.

If you want to grab all the Baby doge information, read the below guide and know Babydoge Coin Price.

About Babydoge Crypto

Baby Dogecoin, the World’s Best Community Token, has learned tricks from his lovely meme father, Doge. Baby Doge wants to impress Doge with his improved speedy transaction and adorableness.

Baby Doge is Hyper-deflationary and an integrated clever staking system. It is built mainly to reward the holders. Hence more coins will be automatically added for every transaction.

Founder of Babydoge Coin

Baby Doge, new crypto birthed by Doge Coin’s fans & members in the online community. The exact person’s name is not revealed yet; if anything is known, we will update it here. 

Babydoge Coin Price

The current Baby Doge token price is $6.66e-9 and a trading volume of $11,90,52,898 24-hour. In the past 24 hours, Baby DogeCoin is up by 80.68%. 

  • Contract Address: 0xc748673057861a797275cd8a068abb95a902e8de

Babydoge Coin Supply / Market Supply

  • Market Rank: #2528.
  • Market Cap: $332,826,000.
  • Holders: 341,362 addresses
  • Transfers: 1,326,593.
  • Max supply: No Data.
  • Circulating Supply: 50,000,000.00B BabyDoge.
  • Total Supply: 420,000,000,000,000,000.
  • Trading Volume: $119,052,898.38.
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap$2,795,736,772.31
  • 24h High/24 h Low: $0.000000003257 / $0.000000005890.
  • 7day High / 7day Low: $0.000000000946 / $0.000000005202.
  • All Time High: $0.000000005890 -9.2% (Jul 04, 2021) 
  • All Time Low: $0.000000000095 5544.0% (Jun 09, 2021) 

Babydoge Coin Price Prediction

The Babydoge coin is only 22 days old, so it is too early to predict its price shortly. Anyhow when we tried to find its future price we got the following details.

  • 2021 – $0.00000001
  • 2022 – $0.00000001
  • 2023 – $0.00000002
  • 2024 – $0.00000002
  • 2025 $0.00000002

How to buy Babydoge Coin?

Follow the easy and simple method to make your Babydoge purchase successful:

  • Go to Binance Smart Chain, and search for Babydoge in the search bar.
  • Copy contract address from here, and head back to Trust wallet. Before trading, know the exact Babydoge Coin Price. Now in trust wallet, go to >>DAPPS >> then to Pancakeswap.
  • Connect BSC and Trustwallet by hitting the “connect” button at the top right.
  • Choose the coin you want to swap to Babydoge in the “from” section. 
  • Paste your Contract address in the “to” section.
  • Hit the Swap button at the bottom.
  • Finally, confirm the transaction, and you will get your coin a few times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official website of Babydoge Coin?

A1. The official website –

Q2. What are the current trading platforms for the Babydoge coin?

A2. While exploring more about Babydoge Coin Price, we came to know that the top exchanges for Babydoge is Pancakeswap (v2), DODOBSC, and

Q3. Is Baby doge listed on Coinmarketcap?

A3. Yes, it is listed on Coinmarketcap

To Sum Up

Baby Doge is a very recent coin designed to reward its holders and works with utter fairness and transparency, just like his father. It also donates for a charity to save dogs worldwide. 

At last, we would like to say that this is just an informative guide and do not take this as an investment suggestion. Live Babydoge Coin Price is mentioned for your reference; please go through. 

Do you have any doubt about Baby Doge? Then, do write it in the comment section below. Also, learn here about the future of Cryptocurrency

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