Axolotl Token {June 2021} Price, Address & How To Buy!

Axolotl Token {June 2021} Price, Address & How To Buy?

Axolotl Token {June 2021} Price, Address & How To Buy? >> This post will help you in getting all the necessary information on crypto for better and safe trading.

Axolotl is a community-based token purposely launched to act as a private payment channel for the Axolotl Finance network.

This protocol maintains the user’s privacy protection by adopting technologies like smart contracts and state channels. The use of state channels in the transaction provides safety to the origin and destination address as users cannot associate these together.

Axolotl Token is newly launched in various countries like Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and India. Therefore, investors of these countries are interested to know more about it before investing.

About Axolotl currency:

Axolotl is launched on June 15, 2021, its purpose is to do the transaction in such a way that it avoids the broadcast of the transaction on any blockchain and maintain the user’s privacy at much extent.

Skyrocket Launch Plan of AXOL: –

  • Phase1 – Launch (Target to be listing on swap exchanges and Holders should be at least 1000)
  • Phase2 – Growth (Website enhancement, Axolotl Token Holders should increase up to 10,000, adding Telegram Members)
  • Phase3 – Expansion (Increment of Holders and Telegram Members, initialize listing on CEX platform)

The 10% of the collection through $AXOL transaction is distributed as: –

  • 5% – Rewards given to Holders 
  • Another 5% – Gone to Liquidity Pool

Axolotl currency Price and Market Information

As this token is newly launched, the crypto market is unable to provide its detailed information. We are unable to find its current price and trading volume information.

Its ranking detail is also not available on the market statistics.

Axolotl Token holds the contract address as 0xd6dc9a432ba13d574d6e1bc3ba4453ec359b400c

Except for AXOL which is the official DEX of Axolotl Finance, Pancake Swap (v2), a world’s famous secured and trusted Decentralized Exchange, also powered $AXOL

Holders and Supply Detail

As per the market statistics of this token, the total supply comes out to be 1,000,000,000,000 Axolotl coins. The market cap information is not available anywhere.

The total transfers of this coin transaction is 1913, and the holder’s count is 229 addresses.

How to Buy Axolotl Token?

We cannot buy Axolotl coin directly through any store. To purchase it, you should first buy major currencies and then use any exchange like Pancake Swap, Binance or any other to convert your major currency to the required one $AXOL.

Below are the steps to buy major currency using Metamask and then exchange it to $AXOL: –

  • First, go to and install it.
  • Then do the registration and also set up your wallet.
  • To buy major currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum – first KYC verification is required. Therefore, follow the steps of verification and then buy it and Axolotl Token.
  • Send the Binance coin to this wallet from other wallets like Coinbase or Binance.
  • Then, use one swap exchange like AXOL Swap or Pancake Swap to swap the major currency to $AXOL.
  • Fill in the amount you would like to swap and select the ‘To’ currency and then click the Swap button, and $AXOL is ready to use.


  1. What is the Official Site of the Axolotl coin?
  3. What is the contract address of Axolotl coin?
  4. 0xd6dc9a432ba13d574d6e1bc3ba4453ec359b400c.
  5. Can we buy $AXOL directly?
  6. No, first you need to buy any major currency and then exchange it to $AXOL.


We are summarizing our complete research on Axolotl Token here. It is a recently launched crypto which has the main aim to protect user’s privacy while doing transaction on any blockchain. It uses state channels technology for this purpose. Its price and market cap information is not available yet. Therefore, it’s better to do proper analysis before investing your money in it. Investors can find the detail of this coin here – 

Don’t forget to share any information about this coin below in the comments area. Read here about Next Big Cryptocurrency 2021

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