Axie Breeding Cost 2021.

Axie Breeding Cost (Aug) Price, Chart & How to Buy?

Axie Breeding Cost (Aug) Price, Chart & How to Buy? >> This article will detail AXS price and market data. Read more to know about this coin.

Do you know Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) has seen dramatic price growth recently? You will surprise to know that people from countries like the Philippines, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Canada and United States are leaving their jobs to play and earn cryptocurrency tokens. To know every detail of Axie Breeding Cost, let us read this article.

What is Axie Infinity?

It is a Pokemon-like game build on a blockchain-based game. Here you can purchase cute digital pets called Axie, a Non-fungible token. It is a play-to-earn form of gaming where you can breed and battle Axies and trade them.

In addition, you can earn cryptocurrency tokens and trade on decentralized exchanges. So, build unstoppable teams and become a land baron and conquer your enemies.

Some Info about AXS coin

AXS is the coin you have in the Axie Infinity wallet. If we look at today’s price, a fresh Axie Breeding Cost 4 AXS+150 SPL, which is around 108 dollars!

  • Current price- $39.994
  • Network- Ethereum
  • 24 hours trading volume- $2,207,445,566
  • Circulating supply- 55,260,010
  • Total supply- 270,000,000
  • Max supply- 270,000,000
  • Market Cap- $2,220,199,364
  • Fully Diluted Valuation- $10,847,877,664
  • AXS industry- Gaming

AXS price and market data

Axie has generated almost $90 million in revenue in the past 30 days, according to the token terminal. The revenue from AXS is over 17000% since April 1 2021. Axie Infinity is projected to over $1 billion in revenue by the end of the year, according to Delphi Digital.

Axie Breeding Cost for two Axies will be based on the breed count of both parents. The current price of Axie Infinity Shards is $39.994, with 24hrs trading volume $2,207,445,566. AXS price is down -3.9% in the last 24hrs and circulating supply is 55,260,010, and market capitalization of $1.85 billion.  

Let us see how to breed Axie.

Like humans, Axie has six body parts eyes, ears, mouth, back, tail, and each body part has three sets of genes called Dominant, recessive1 and Recessive 2. Axie can breed and create new offspring, but siblings cannot breed together, and parents cannot breed with their offspring.

At present, Axie Breeding Cost 4 AXS plus an SLP depending on the breeding number (as each can breed Max 7times in their life). SLP is a smooth love potion token that you can earn by playing games and trading on a decentralized exchange or selling them in the marketplace. It takes five days to mature Axie, and after that, you can morph your Axie to a grown-up. Every Axie breed gets more expensive on moving up. The cost is also based on body patterns like “Wet Dogs”, “Sumos”, and “Big Yaks”. Here is Axie Breeding Cost of SLP:

  • 0/7 – 100 SLP
  • 1/7 – 200 SLP
  • 2/7 – 300 SLP
  • 3/7 – 500 SLP
  • 4/7 – 800 SLP
  • 5/7 – 1,300 SLP
  • 6/7 – 2,100 SLP
  • 7/7 – Can’t Breed.
  • Select the first Axie and “breed” option from the inventor.
  • The new window will pop up then you have to select the second Axie for the breed.
  • After you selected the second Axie then you have to press “let’s breed.”
  • After a confirmation message, a new egg will be present in your inventory.


Max supply rate is 270,000,000

  • What is market cap of this coin?

Market Cap is $2,220,199,364 of AXS coin.


Axie Breeding Cost also requires a gas fee which is based on the use of the Ethereum network. So, to begin the game, user need ETH and at least three Axies sold in the Axis marketplace. If you are looking to buy and sell AXS, you can use a Binance account. This game is part of the cryptocurrency world, so play responsibly if you know about them.

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