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Axia Merah Viral Video: What Does Bulan Sabit Merah Viral Video Mean? Also Explore The Details On Axia Merah Viral, Pbsm And Kantoi From Twitter

The article on Axia Merah Viral Video has provided details on a trending topic from the Malaysian region.

What is the ‘Axia Merah’ viral video about? Do you know about an incident that happened in Axia Car? Who recorded the video? If you want to know about the trending topic, Axia Merah Viral Video, read this article here. This is trending and viral news coming from Malaysia; people were shocked and disturbed to find out the details of the topic.


Details About Axia Merah Video

A video goes viral where males and females can engage in intimate activities in a red Axia car. The video was recorded by a person who spotted them in the car. The man recording the video tried to capture a close-up. Thus, he went close to the car. The couple noticed the man and started pleading to delete the video. 

Per the video footage, the female wore a T-shirt from Pbsm Twitter, a Red Crescent Society of Malaysia. And the girl was sitting on the thighs of the man in the front seat of the car. When asked, ‘What are they doing?’ the male said, ‘The woman is sick, and he is helping her.’ 

Disclaimer: The information provided in the article has been collected through Internet sources. We will not attach the link to the viral video. 

More Details on Red Axia Viral Video

The sources claim that the girl was 17 years old and the male was 22 years old. The footage went viral, and it caught the eye of the police department, and they arrested the duo from different locations. They believe that acts like ‘Dia Sakit Axia Merahwould pollute their society, and thus they take strict action (as per the reports and sources). The recording is of a parking lot where the car is parked. It was just a 23-second-long video recording that is trending on TikTok. 

After watching the video public was concerned because the girl sure looked like a minor, and her boyfriend was taking advantage of her. Netizens have requested the cops to investigate the matter properly. The video has spread like fire on the internet. The two friends who recorded the video must have had an ulterior intention of Kantoi Twitter, which means they wanted to expose the couple on social media. Many people have made parody videos on the trending topic. 


A video with footage of a male and female involved in explicit activities in a red car had gone viral. The viral video was shot by a person who was passing by the car. The video has stirred the police department as well, and reports say that they have arrested the couple. The girl was looking underage. To watch the parody video, click here.

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Must Read Updates on Axia Merah Viral Twitter: FAQs

Q1.  What does ‘Axia Merah’ mean?

A1. ‘Merah’ means Red, and Axia is a car in the Malay language. 

Q2. What is the viral footage “Axia Merah” about?

A2. In the 23 seconds clip, a male and a female were seen in a mature act sitting on a front seat of an Axia car.

Q3. Who recorded the video?

A3. A person passing by the car has recorded the video. 

Q4. What is the identity of the couple involved?

A4. Their names have not been disclosed. But reports say the girl is 17 years old and the man is 22 years old.

Q5. What does “Bulan Sabit Merah Viral Video” mean?

A5. “Bulan Sabit Merah’ means ‘Red Crescent Moon.’

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