Aventino Watches Fake Email 2021

Aventino Watches Fake Email [Jan 2022] Is This Legit Or Hoax?

Aventino Watches Fake Email [Jan 2022] Is This Legit Or Hoax? >> This post will help you learn about the authenticity of the website that sells luxury watches.

Do the classy watches in the online stores attract you? Then we are here to introduce the exclusive wristwatches from the collection of Aventino Store. Worldwide, including the United Kingdom and the United States, appears excited to order these royal wristwatches as it adds a classy touch to the formal look.

But before adding the items to your cart on the website, you should verify its legitimacy. In the below segment, we’ll be discussing the details of Aventino Watches Fake Email. However, please get ready to learn about the unknown evidence that will help you reveal the website’s trustworthiness.

What is Aventino?

Aventino is an e-commerce store with a comprehensive collection of wristwatches. Broadly the store deals with four series of watches: Imperium, Gladius, Gemini, and Lunar.

The wrist watches available in the store give an enduring impact to the personality of an individual. Most of the watches have two sub-dial feature that is trendy these days. Buyers can have a lot of color options to explore on its official website.

Is Aventino Watches Scam? Well, to get the answer to the question we have to explore more details of the store. So please stay tuned with us in this Aventino Watches Fake Email post.

Specifications of Aventino

  • Website URL- https://aventinowatches.com/
  • Domain creation date – 07/01/2018
  • Products- Luxury wristwatches
  • Shipping cost – Free shipping on orders above $100.
  • Transportation period- 10-25 business days
  • Return or exchange of item – within 12 days after receiving the item
  • Refund- 5-10 business days
  • Newsletter – Available
  • Payment method- American Express, Mastercard, Paypal and VISA
  • Warranty – 12-month warranty
  • Order tracking – available
  • Item purchase history – Not available
  • Money-saving offers – not provide
  • Company address- not disclosed
  • Contact number – not provided
  • Email address- info@aventinowatches.com

Please consider reading further to get more details on Aventino Watches Fake Email.

Positive Pointers of Aventino

  • Customers have put down reviews on social media platforms.
  • The Aventino brand is active on Facebook, Instagram and shares the post of the products.
  • The company gives a service of worldwide shipping so that customers all over the globe can easily access their items.
  • The company gives a warranty of one year on all the items, which is a positive sign.
  • The domain age of the store is more than three years.
  • The presence of the mail server presents the good sign.

Negative Pointers of Aventino

  • We explored some negative comments about the brand during the research on the reliable reviewing platform.
  • The company fails to share the contact number and address with the customers.

Aventino Watches Fake Email – What is it?

Recently, it has been observed people are receiving emails from the company. The Aventino watches send the mail. The suspicion begins when people have found the different names of head marketing people on their emails.

The company is approaching popular Instagram accounts, and via DM, they are asking people for brand collaboration.

Moreover, some people also mentioned that they had received an email from Aventino Watches asking them to promote them on social media platforms. 

In contrast, some people reverted to the Email asking Aventino Watches for more details, and in response, they have received a steal deal offer of a straight 75% discount on their first order. 

While the others said, the company is a complete scam as they tried buying from them and have received counterfeit timepieces. Nevertheless, a few people still have received the original watch at a good price. In short, it is hard to identify the existent intents of the website. In accordance with the reviews, we can’t call it a scam. Either we can title it as a legitimate portal. 

Consequently, this Aventino Watches Fake Email has compelled people to raise a question against the portal, whether it’s a scam or real.

Is Aventino Watches Scam?

Though fake Email has raised suspicions in minds, we must not forget many scammers use trustworthy sources to grab customer detailsTherefore, here are some checkpoints that will determine the legitimacy of the Aventino watches.

  • Domain creation date – The domain is almost three years old. It was registered on 7 January 2018.
  • Social media presence– The portal has social media icons.
  • Website content– The official website holds the informative interface as it has explained the specifications of all the wristwatches in brief.
  • Customer feedback – customers have appreciated the collection on Instagram.
  • Index score -The trust score of the portal is 86%.
  • Online feedback portals- Renowned feedback portal such as Trustpilot has shares negative comments about the company.

What are people saying about Aventino?

The brand has received positive comments on Instagram. However, at the same timeAventino Watches Fake Email received by the customers is also making them doubtful.

Around 66.8K people follow its Instagram account and more than 800 people like the Aventino Facebook page. People have used adjectives like awesome, classy and elegant to appreciate the collection of the store.

On the other hand, with 2.0 stars on Trustpilot, people report the website as a scam. The company sells cheap watch and offer people to collaborate with them to make their brand popular.

Please check this article for those who experienced a PayPal scam- how to get money back from PayPal if scammed. Please click here for more details.

Closing Thoughts

Aventino brand has been highlighted over the internet due to Aventino Watches Fake Email. The website is old, socially active and has got a few positive comments, but at the same time, the negative feedback of the brand on Trustpilot can’t be ignored, which makes it suspicious.

It is suggested to please explore thoroughly and go through all the feedbacks before shopping for any wristwatch from the official website.

What are your views about the collection of the store? Please comment down and share your thoughts with us. Also, if you have purchased the timepiece from the store and want to get your money back if scammed, please click on this link – How to get money back if scammed through a credit card?

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