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Avatar Slideshow Tiktok Twitter: Check The Content Of Pictures In Slideshow, Also Know Details About Photo Original Posted On Twitter, And Reddit

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Avatar Slideshow TikTok Twitter trending on Reddit and social media.

Potential dangers of AI’s progress are now becoming slowly visible on social media with Avatar Slideshow trend. Slideshows overtook people’s interest from Canada, the PhilippinesAustralia, and the United States, with several new accounts on TikTok that included taglines – Whats’ wrong with people! Is human race showing its interest in Aliens after trends of marring individuals of same gender? 

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Avatar slideshow social media trend:

People on the twitter have shown their reactions by sharing some of their favorite shots as screenshots. You can scroll down to find the same here.

Another user has twitted on as the official avatar and mentioned in his tweet as “Mondays are hard, so let’s all take a moment to start the week off right”

The charm of the movie is spreading across the world.

People are also searching if the avatar slideshow original video is viral? 

We can say that to some extent it is true that some of the avatar slideshow photo scenes went viral on social media. People who had checked out they reacted and wondered how the avatar slideshow tiktok is a fact. We are attaching the clips shots of the original it was landed on social media. But as avatar slideshow pictures reddit speed, now it’s being removed from the platform.

the avatar slideshow original video is viral

Initial posts of Avatar slideshows were featured as social media posts on TikTok platform only. Other social media platforms, including Twitter, followed and blogged about the trend. Avatar slideshows are unavailable on Twitter or Reddit.


The Avatar slideshow featured explicit pictures of main character – Jake Sully, from James Cameron’s Avatar Film. It is speculated that @wavey.xxxnf TikTok user had initially posted Pictures in slideshows. Sam Worthington played role of Jake in both Avatar Squeal. 


However, images slideshow featured body parts of Jake in different seductive poses. Slideshow are speculated to be created with help of AI as it highly matches features of Pandora planet, its vegetation, water bodies, and Jake.

Direction and imaging:

The slideshow slowly moves from right to left, showing explicit Pic of Jack. An initial slide that became popular was about Jack posing as a model by leaning on a tree trunk. Next slide showed Jack resting on a rock with legs wide spread. 

The third picture shows Jake posing like a snake with his head up, lower body resting on a rock, and legs wide spread across a rock. Jack’s Photo Original was shown on an isolated rock in water and without any clothing.


But slideshows didn’t show images of body parts but only gave an idea of what they could look like. All poses of Jake were tempting. But, audience was shocked to see content as they could not figure out why anyone would create explicit AI pictures of an Alian character and post it on internet or Twitter!

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There was a little positive user feedback but in form of memes, compared to colossal criticism from netizens. Viewers commented that they must bleach their eyes after watching slides, and most viewers wondered about need for such slides. As of writing, Twitter had 152+ blogs, TikTok had fewer videos and 41K+ posts, while Reddit did not feature any related content.  

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Avatar Slideshow TikTok Twitter – FAQ

1Q. Is original avatar slideshow accessible?

No, it was removed from the internet.

2Q. What related videos are available?

Clips less than 00:00:10 seconds and <1,143 KB are available on TikTok.

3Q. Who is creator of Avatar slides?

The TikTok creator’s name, contacts, and identity are unknown.

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