Automata Crypto Coin (June) Coin Price, How to Buy

Automata Crypto Coin (June) Coin Price, How to Buy?

Automata Crypto Coin (June) Coin Price, How to Buy? >> The guide shares details of the new token launched as the largest project in the Launchpool program.  

The decentralized service protocol Automata Network has finally confirmed their official launch ATA Token, which is sponsored by a $1 million investment. It was announced after a seed funding round, and it is lead by Genesis Block Ventures, Divergence Capital, IOSG Ventures, and Alameda Research. 

Automata Network aims to offer a middleware layer service for the decentralized app called dApps. 

Automata Crypto Coin is a part of the Binance Launchpool, and investors in India, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom can earn ATA by staking their DOT, BUSD, and BNB.   

What is Automata Crypto Token?

Automata Crypto Token is the biggest 20th project, featuring on the Binance Launchpool. Worldwide buyers are allowed to start farming the token from 2nd June 2021, and it will last for 30 days till 31st June 2021. 

Holders of the token can earn more ATA by staking their DOT, BUSD and BNB. Automata Crypto Coin is part of the launchpool project that aims to allocate around 4% of the token supply under the scheme.

ATA is planned to be listed on the “Innovative Zone” of Binance from 7th June 2021. Over 40 million tokens are expected to be distributed to the holders worldwide via Binance Launchpool. 

The Founder of ATA

ATA Token is used for the Automata Network’s control and serves as an incentive for the Geode Node Operators and Validate who maintain the network. The Automata Crypto Coin is backed by renowned investors like Divergence ventures, KR1, Alameda Research and IOSG Ventures.     

Key Points of the Token

  • ATA is the biggest project of the 20th Launchpool of Binance.
  • ATA is earned by staking the DOT, BUSD, and BNB
  • 4% of the token will be supplied under the program by the project 

Total Supply of Token and Market Cap

The Launchpool supply of the token is 40 000 000 ATA, as reported on the exchange virtually. The token’s total supply is over 1 million ATA with the initial supply of 172 252 000 ATA with the likeliness of hype of 17.2%.

The ERC-20 and BEP-20 type tokens with the highest market capitalization; however, the details are not shared. 

What is the Live Price of Automata Crypto Coin? 

The details of live prices are not available online. The farming of the coin will start soon, and the details will be shared after that.

How to Purchase the Token?

The details regarding exchanges and digital wallets for buying the token are not shared with the investors and buyers. However, it is only found that holders can earn ATA tokens by staking their DOT, BUSD and BNB.

Under this launchpool scheme, users will get a 4% distribution of tokens. So, around 40 million tokens are distributed to the holders under the Binance Launchpool program.     


Q.1 – What is the Contract Address of Token?

A – Use 0xa2120b9e674d3fc3875f415a7df52e382f141225 as the contract address to buy Automata Crypto Coin.

Q.2 – What is the official site of the token?

A – the official site.

Q.3 – When Will Farming Start?

A – Farming will start from 2nd June 2021 for one month. 


ATA is the biggest project producing multi solutions for enhancing the safety and privacy of decentralized apps. The token has been used to control the Automata Network, and it is also used as an incentive for operators and validators to maintain the network. Users who opt for the services from the network need to pay fees using Automata Crypto Coin.  

Do you hold the ATA Token? How you did the farming? Please share your experience in the comment section. And if you are willing to know the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, please click here to know more.

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