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Austin Majors Wikipedia: How Did he Die? Was The Cause of Death Homeless Facilities? Was He The NYPD Blue Series Part Before Found Dead? Find Parents, Net Worth & Latest Instagram News Here!

The below Austin Majors Wikipedia article will help you get the complete details about this child artist’s career and death.

Do you know about Austin Majors? Are you looking forward to Austin Majors on the internet? He is a bright child trending due to his extraordinary acting talent and his remarks in his academics.

Due to an incident, this news has gone viral in the United States and CanadaFirst, readers are curious to know about Austin Majors WikipediaNow people want to know what happened to this youngest actor. So, here we will study all the points of the viral news.


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Wikipedia of Austin Majors-

Full Name Austin Majors 
Birth date 23/11/1995
Nationality American
High school passing year 2013 
Graduate from The University of Southern California 
Known as TV actor

Who are the Parents of Austin Majors?

Kali, the younger sister of Majors, is a young actor. Only one LA family is known to have given birth to them. Regarding their parents, there is a limited amount of information. Actor Austin Majors started presenting Theo Sipowicz on the TV show NYPD Blue when he was just three years old. As a young child, he began working as an actor in television advertisements. 

What is his Net Worth?      

Majors’ net worth has yet to be discovered with certainty, but several reports claim that it is in the range of $1 million and $6 million. He has appeared in numerous television series and commercials. His TV jobs are, therefore, his primary source of income. He was an upcoming superstar but died at a very early age.

What is the Cause of Death?

Austin Majors, a child actor who starred in NYPD Blue, passed away on Saturday at 27. According to reports, Majors resided in a Los Angeles homeless shelter. Although the exact cause of his death is unknown, a source with firsthand knowledge has indicated that he might have ingested a fatal dose of fentanyl. 

Obituary & Funeral Details!

His family released a statement about Austin’s passing. He was described as a lovable, artistic, fantastic, kindhearted human being. But proper details for obituary & funeral have not been disclosed. 

About Autopsy!

In the Homeless facility, he has taken his last breath; however, an autopsy has been scheduled for Monday. The cause of death is listed as deferred pending further investigation in the preliminary Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner study. 

What about the role of Austin Majors NYPD Blue?

For seven seasons, Majors portrayed Theo Sipowicz in the enduring TV series NYPD Blue. He played the son of Detective Andy Sipowicz, the show’s lead character. Majors’ achievements garnered him a massive number of awards. For his work in a television series, he won the Young Artist prize in 2022. 

Unfortunately, he was found Dead due to homeless facilities. He led a successful career and got many awards during his acting career. Majors was nominated for Outstanding Performance in a Voice-Over Role and contributed to Treasure Planet. Austin’s family also claims that he was a committed Eagle Scout. 

Social Media Links: 

On Instagram there is no information about his death


The child artist was found dead due to homeless facilities on 11th February, but his fans and family members have memorized his iconic performances. 

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Austin Majors Wikipedia– FAQs-

Q.1 Who was Austin Majors?

Ans- He was an American child artist.

Q.2 What is his place of birth?

Ans- The United States.

Q.3 Where has he done graduation?

Ans- The University of Southern California.

Q.4 When did he become a member of Kids with a Cause?

Ans- In 2015.

Q.5 Does he have siblings?

Ans- His younger sister’s name is Kali.

Q.6 Which TV show gives him popularity?

Ans- NYPD Blue.

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