Aurikah Parfum Reviews [May] Legit or a Scam Site

Aurikah Parfum Reviews [Jun] Legit or a Scam Site?

Aurikah Parfum Reviews [Jun] Legit or a Scam Site? -> We will go through a website review of a website that sells different kinds of fragrance products; read here.

Who does not like fragrance, almost every human being is addicted to good scent and fragrance, and nowadays, there are many products available in the market like parfum sticks or parfum balms.

Some websites sell all kinds of products related to fragrance. Similarly, here in this article, we will do Aurikah Parfum Reviews and see what this website is all about; we will discuss their products, price range and other essential things.

This website is popular in countries like The United States and other countries too. Read the full article to know every detail about this website.

What is Aurikah Parfum?

While going through the legitimacy of the website, we came across the web site’s domain age. The exact domain age of the website is noted to be 2year one month, and 24 days. So as the website was created two years back, it sounds pretty good.

This particular store sells various items related to scent and fragrance. Not only that, but this site has a large number of variety available and also different kinds of balm and fragrance sticks available like tropic, euphoric and many more. This information makes it easy to understand Aurikah Parfum Reviews.

Specification of The Website:

  • The website was officially created two years back in 2019.
  • The link of the official website- official email address of the website-INFO@AURIKAH.COM
  • The website offers free standard shipping on orders which are above 30 $
  • The website has its return and refund policy.
  • The website also ensures a safe and secure payment policy.
  • They have a 15day return policy if the items are not damaged.
  • The website accepts payments through various payment methods like apple pay, master card, g pay, Amex and many more.

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We think that all the specification stated above will prove beneficial while going through this website review of Aurikah Parfum Reviews.

Pros of The Website:

  • the website sells multiple varieties of fragrance products.
  • The website has a 15-day return policy on unused and unopened products.
  • The website allows you to create a signature scent of your own by mixing two or more fragrance.
  • They provide multiple payment methods
  • The website seems to be legit as the domain age appears to be pretty old.

Cons of The Website:

  • The website provides checkout codes only in America and not in other countries.
  • Product are a bit expensive if we compare them to other fragrance companies.
  • The website does not have many audiences on its social media platforms.

These were the pros and cons of Aurikah Parfum Reviews, and now further in this website reviews, we will discuss the legitimacy of the website.

Is Aurikah Parfum Legit:

According to the research that we have done on this website and considering all the website’s pros and cons, it appears somehow a legitimate website. As we are aware that the site was created two years back, it positively impacts the legitimacy of the website.

But on the other hand, all the social media handles of this particular website is almost dead with no engagement, so before making any purchase, we would like our readers to first go through the Aurikah parfums website and check Aurikah Parfum Reviews and then decide whether they should go for it or not. So as of now, there is a mixed response about the legitimacy of the website.

What Are Aurikah Reviews:

It is an old website with a domain age of more than two years, but the website has no social media engagement on its social handles as it has shallow social media engagement. There are not many customer reviews present about the website.

The store has various perfumes and scents, but there is no customer review available which shows that the website is not much popular, so there is not much to read about Aurikah Parfum Reviews in this section.


Here in this article, we did a website review of a website that sells different perfumes and fragrance varieties in different forms, whether it be fragrance balms or sticks.

Here in this article, we briefly discussed the specification, pros and cons of the website. We also read about the website’s legitimacy, and we came to know that the store lacks popularity and has no social media engagement. So as of now, we cannot be sure whether we should buy from this website or no. 

What do you think about these Aurikah Parfum Reviews? Do you think we should purchase products from websites with no customer reviews?

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