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[Watch Video] Aurelien Largeau Video And Photo: Check Details On Wikipedia, And Age

This Aurelien Largeau Video And Photo will give you details about Aurelien Largeau Top Chef, Age available on Wikipedia and Reddit. 

Do you want to know about Aurelian Largeau? Are you eager to know about his video and photo? Aurelian Largeau has gone viral Worldwide due to his decision to leave his job at a luxury hotel.

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Aurelien Largeau Video And Photo

Michelin-starred chef Aurelian Largeau has left his job after an alleged ritual. Thirty-one years old Chef was working at a luxury hotel located in France. During that ritual, a member of the kitchen staff was tied up naked and humiliated. The Public Prosecutor already initiated an investigation to get the clue regarding this violence against a member of staff in the kitchen. Chef Aurelien ran a restaurant at the Hotel du Palais located in Biarritz, Southwest France. The story of the alleged incident was published in a local newspaper.

Details On Incident Viral on Reddit

Details On Incident Viral on Reddit

The news of Aurelian surfaced online after he had left his job. Social media users are trying to know the whole incident. According to the newspaper report, one of the kitchen staff members in the hotel was tied after removing his clothes. He was tied to a chair by putting the apple into his mouth. The footage of the ritual is named Bizutage, which was banned in France. It raised the discussion on various social media platforms. Police are also trying to find the details about the incident.

Aurelien Largeau Top Chef

Aurelien Largeau is one of the top Chefs, and he is also a Michelin-starred chef. A Michelin star is awarded to restaurants that offer outstanding cooking. One star refers to delicious cooking, two stars mean excellent cooking and three stars refer to exceptional cooking. Aurelien earned one star for his high-quality cooking restaurant. He received this award in 2023. His excellent cooking style made everyone fascinated. People are crazy about experiencing delightful cuisines at his restaurant. People are trying to find the details about Aurelien on Wikipedia

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About Largeau

Aurelien Largeau is considered a gastronomic prodigy in the cooking industry. He had the experience of running a restaurant at a five-star luxury hotel. The average price of the room is €400 per night since 2020. After two years of running the restaurant, he received a Michelin-star award. Now, he has been in the limelight after the incident involving the ritual. As Per sources, but Largeau has denied the accusation made against him. Several media outlets have raised questions about the incident. Age of Aurelien is 31 years. He has achieved so much at an early age. However, the recent controversy has raised many questions.

Reaction of Aurelien

Reaction of Aurelien

As per sources, Aurelien has denied the accusation made against him. He stated that it was an attack on his honor and denied such a defamatory accusation. The news is surfacing on Redditand people are discussing his behavior. But the Chef said that he would never associate himself with such behavior. The Hotel du Palais later confirmed that Aurelien is no longer working with them. Being a reputed chef, he stated that someone had tried to spoil his reputation. Aurelien Largeau Top Chef is in controversy after the alleged incident surfaced online.

Reactions of the People

Different people have different reactions to the news. The video and photo of the incident are also surfacing online. People are also searching for Aurelien’s details on Wikipedia. But there are not many details about him. People are excited to know the further investigation regarding the incident.

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People are trying to find out more about Aurelien, including his Age and other essential details. The Michelin-starred awardee is in controversy. To know more, please visit the link.

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