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Audioguy182 Brian: Explore Complete Information On Audio Guy 182 Twitter

In the article on Audioguy182 Brian, we have explained details on Brian Szasz and the incident happened with his stepdad. 

Do you know who Brian Szasz is? Who is Hamish Harding? Is the submarine gone missing has been rescued? If you are also troubled with the same questions, this article on Audioguy182 Brian is for you. People from the United States and Canada are worried after the news of the disappearance of the Titanic Submarine shocked the world, but in between all that, Brian Szasz, the stepson of Hamish Harding (one of the people inside the submarine), is in the headlines. Let us read why?


Who is Brian Szasz, and Why is He Trending?

Brian Szasz is a stepson of an English/British billionaire, Hamish Harding. He has come under the limelight after his stepdad is one of the five people onboard the Ocean Gate Sub-marine, and he is flirting with only a fans model on Twitter. In addition, Brian, also known as Audio Guy 182 on Twitter, even went to the Blink 182 concert after his stepdad’s submarine went missing on 18th June 2023. 

Disclaimer: This article contains information about a person related to a billionaire, and the billionaire’s information was floating in the public domain for a long. Thus, we are careful with the information provided. 

What Happened to Brian’s Stepdad?

The disappearance of a submarine carrying five people, including billionaire Hamish Harding, stepdad of Brian Szasz, has sent shockwaves through the community. With little information available, the public wonders what could have happened to the vessel and its passengers. 

Despite the unknowns, experts are working tirelessly to locate the missing sub and bring its occupants to safety. As each day passes, the situation’s urgency grows, and the hope for a successful rescue begins to fade. Instead of comforting her mother, Audioguy182 Brian is flirting and going to concerts. As per recent reports, the submarine might be left with oxygen worth just half a day. 

Details About Brian Szasz

As per Brian’s Instagram bio, he is an Audio engineer from San Diego. Brian has an open account with more than 8000 followers. He has not posted any pictures of himself at the Blink 182 concert on Instagram. But they did comment on a half-naked model’s Twitter post, and it all started there. Brian is receiving hate mail and hatred on every social media platform because Audioguy182 Brian is having fun while his mother must have been suffering with probably the worst time of her life.

An hour or so just before commenting on this tweet, Brian urged everyone to pray for his family as his stepdad is in the Ocean Gate submarine. He tweeted about his family’s ordeal. As per reports, he posted pictures of Brian at the Blink 182 concert. 

Cardi-B Getting Involved in the Controversy

In recent news, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Audioguy182 Brian, the stepson of Hamish Harding. And now, Cardi B has gotten involved in the dispute. The famous rapper used social media to voice her opinions, sparking more discussion and debate. 

While some have praised her for speaking out, others have criticized her for getting involved in something that is not directly related to her. 

Cardi-B has posted a video in which she talks about Brian’s audacity of going out and enjoying himself while his family suffers. She advised him to be at home with his mother and support her in these difficult times. The Audioguy182 Brian is fuelled once again as cardi-B openly criticized Brian Szasz by posting a video on social media.

Additional Details on the Controversy  

After the controversy broke out, Brian tried to make things straight by putting up his mindset behind everything he had done. But the netizens did not receive it well, and now there is an open feud between Brian and Cardi-B. He is posting stories of him clarifying and calling out to Cardi-B for voicing her opinion. Brian also blamed her for the online hatred he was receiving. People on social media are also expressing their views.  

Audioguy182 Brian said in his defence that going to the concert was his way of coping with the difficult times, and he wanted to stay away from his phone, even if it was for 2 hours or so. He said she was an acquaintance commenting on the model’s tweet, and he always comments on her tweets. So, it was not something very unusual for him. He said he is trying his best to cope-up with the situation, but nothing is helping. Along with the constant online trolling and harassment, he is even more troubled. But only a few people are trying to understand the situation of Audioguy182 Brian.  


Brian’s family suffers from a tragedy, and netizens have not been an excellent support. Whatever Brian has done attracted a lot of trouble and controversies. Even Cardi-B jumped into the scandal, and things got even more significant. 

But the fact remains the same, Brian’s stepdad Hamish Harding is lost in the ocean along with other members of the Ocean Gate submarine, and the submarine has mostly likely run out of oxygen supply. Check his Instagram account for more details; click here.

What do you think about Brian Szasz’s controversy? Please voice out it in the comments.

Must Read Updates on Audioguy182 Brian: FAQs

Q1. Who is Brian Szasz?

A1. Brian is an Audio engineer and stepson of Aviator billionaire Hamish Harding.

Q2. What happened to his stepdad?

A2. Hamish was in the Ocean Gate submarine, which went missing in the ocean.

Q3. Why is Brian getting trolled and receiving hatred?

A3. Brian went to Blink 182 concert and allegedly flirted with a model on Twitter while his step-father was missing.

Q4. Who jumped into Brian’s controversy?

A4. Singer Cardi-B posted a video where she expressed her opinion on the topic. 

Q5. What is Audioguy182 Brian?

A5. It is Brian’s Instagram account’s user name. 

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