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Atlanta Nurses Fired TikTok Video Reddit: What Posted Content Went Viral On Twitter & Tiktok Media? Is There Any Update Available On Instagram & YouTube? Check Here!

The article gives information about the Atlanta Nurses Fired TikTok Video Reddit news and discusses the healthcare organization’s decision.

Have you come across the news where Atlanta nurses are fired? Recently, a video circulated on TikTok, which the nurses of Emory Healthcare recorded, mocking the expecting moms. Viewers in the United States were offended by the Video, and they demanded strict action against them.

The news of the nurses being fired from the hospital is doing rounds, and the information related to Atlanta Nurses Fired TikTok Video Reddit video can be read here.


Disclaimer: The news is not meant to hurt the sentiments of the people and showcases the events that took place recently.

Viral Video of the nurses mocking expecting moms 

The Video of the nurses where they are seen mocking the pregnant ladies about their irritating habits and taking care of the patient and their families has gone viral. One nurse says that she has asked the patient to push the call light and is complaining that one of her family members comes to the reception desk now and then.

Another nurse mocks the patient who was asking about the weight of the newborns while still holding them.

Has the Video become Viral on Twitter?

The Video became viral everywhere, and people found the Video on Twitter as well. The Video created outrage among the viewers, and they bashed the nurses for their comments and behavior. People have flooded the comments section with their views, and when they came to know about their being fired from Emory Hospital, they were happy and satisfied.


Has the Video become Viral on Twitter

The hospital authorities were outraged too, and they decided to fire all four nurses involved in the task. Unfortunately, the Video has been taken down as it is tough to find them online. 

Atlanta Nurses fired for recording the TikTok Video.

The TikTok video has questioned the nurses who were meant to take care of the patient in one of their most vulnerable moments, and the way the nurses treated them has made people more aware. As a result, the healthcare organization has released a statement mentioning that it is committed to providing high-quality care and that its patients come first.

They also mentioned the TikTok video and said that it was very unprofessional and disrespectful of the nurses to treat the patient, and they have taken appropriate action against them. 

Is the video spread on Instagram?

The Video circulated everywhere at first, but now it seems that it has been taken down from the internet. But, mostly, the viewers watched the Video and learned about the disrespectful nature of the nurses in the hospital. The Video that circulated was a part of the TikTok challenge, and we need to know how these disgusting mocks became a challenge.

The Instagram users were appalled by the hospital for their immediate decision to fire the nurses, and people were satisfied with the decision.

Can the users find the Video on YouTube?

The one-minute Video is provided on YouTube, and the viewers who wish to see it can search for it online. We cannot post the Video here as people will be more offended, and it is not a good idea to keep circulating such disgusting videos repeatedly. 

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The healthcare organization has taken appropriate steps for the nurses, and people must know the repercussions of their behavior. The news of the nurses being fired has spread throughout. 

What are your views on the decision? Comment below.

Atlanta Nurses Fired TikTok Video Reddit-FAQs

Q1. Why were the nurses fired by the authority?

For mocking the expecting moms.

Q2. Who fired the nurses?

Emory Healthcare.

Q3. How many nurses were there?

Four nurses.

Q4. Where was the Video posted?

On TikTok.

Q5. When did the incident take place?

December 13, 2022.

Q6. Where is the hospital located?


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