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This article describes a play-to-earn crypto gaming platform that rewards gamers and token holders. Read more details assisted with the Asterite Token.

Are you interested to find about a gaming token and the benefits available to the gamers for their gaming skills? Do you want to know more about token distribution? Keep reading as we’ll explore all the major information about the topic here.

Gamers from the Philippines are excited about the gaming reward system that will help them improve their gaming skills and monetize their talent using Asterite Token. Let’s check about the features and rewards provided to the token holders.

About Asterite Crypto Token (NKA)

NKA token is a gaming token that functions as a utility token on a popular gaming platform MARBLEX. The gaming platform allows the exchange of NKA tokens with other gaming tokens available.

The gamers are rewarded with Asterite for their gaming performance and valuable contribution to the Ni no Kuni gaming community. The value of the Asterite reward depends on the difficulty level, gaming challenges, and the number of players involved in the competition.

Asterite Token

  • The Ni no Kuni game aims to add more fun factors for the gamers and reward the community members for their effort to maintain the token liquidity.
  • The rewards are distributed among the token holders and players accordingly.
  • In addition to that, the platform plans to introduce NFTs into the gaming platform.
  • The platform also plans to build an NFT marketplace for trading the NFTs.
  • Apart from that, token miners also get to benefit from their effort.
  • The competitive online gamers with high win rates are rewarded more for their gaming talent and higher rankings.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price of Asterite Token: Not Available
  • Token Price Change(24h): No Data Found
  • 24h Low: N/A
  • 24h High: Data Not Found
  • Trading Volume(24h): Not Available 
  • Token Volume / Market Cap: No Data
  • Token Fully Diluted Market Cap: Not Found
  • Market Cap: No Data
  • Token Market Rank: N/A
  • Total Supply: No Data Found
  • Circulating Supply: N/A
  • Token Max Supply: No Data
  • ATH: Not Available
  • ATL: No Data Found

Founders and Team

  • The information associated with the Ni no Kuni gaming project is not mentioned on the official website or their social media platforms. 
  • The major partners of the marblex platform are Kabam, Krust, netmarble, netmarble neo, chain partners, ozys, klaytn, SBXG, oasys, mesher, etc. Read on Asterite Token.

Where to Buy NKA?

  • Visit the official website of ninokuni.marblex.io.
  • Go to the ‘Main Menu’.
  • Select the ‘Shop’ section.
  • Then select ‘Token Exchange’.
  • Link the MARBLEX Wallet with the token exchange. New users need to create a free account on MARBLEX.
  • Once the MARBLEX Wallet is connected to the token exchange, the gamers can exchange between the Asterite and Territe Tokens.
  • The gamer needs to pay a nominal fee to exchange Territe and Asterite for NKT and NKA tokens.
  • Only a maximum of ten tokens gets permitted for exchange. Learn more on Asterite Token.
  • The exchange rates vary according to market price.
  • Once the exchange is completed, the token number and value get reflected instantly.


Q1: Is the NKA token listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, or Tradingview platforms?

A1: No, the NKA token is not yet listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, or Tradingview platforms

Q2: How does a gamer earn Asterite rewards?

A2: The Lava Valley battle mode helps the gamers earn Asterite rewards once all the opponents are defeated. 


Crypto gaming platforms help online gamers to gain more earning potential with the in-game rewards. To know more details associated with the gaming token, please visit here. 

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