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Astella Island Token (Mar 2022) How To Get Island Token?

The guide shares details about the Astella Island Token and the methods to get it in the game.

The Multiplayer video game, Lost Ark is the isometric 2.5D online action role-playing game co-developed by Smilegate’s Game Development and Tripod Studio. It was released on 4th Dec 2019 in South Korea but managed to gain population in the United States, Canada, and Germany

The game has multiple quests to complete and earn rewards. Besides, there are game maps and locations that players have to explore to get the rewards. 

We are here to discuss the popular Island Token in Lost Ark. Astella Island Token is in the news these days, and we are here to share the guide on how to get the token on the game map.

What is Astella Island?

Astella Island is the token available in the Lost Ark online game. Players can obtain the token easily with a few simple tricks. The token is available for players via RNG. Players need to choose random shooting star drops in the game island.

It is a unique token that consumes only 15-30 minutes to get on the game map. The game has island quests that players have to take on to explore the location and get the token. 

Players are attracted to this unique token.

How to Get Astella Island Token?

If you play the Lost Ark game, you probably know how challenging it is to find and explore the unique tokens in the game. But, if you are aware of the easy tricks, you can easily get them in the game. Below is a helpful guide on how to get the Tokens in Astella Island in Lost Ark:

  • Players can get the token from the star fragments. Remember, these are randomly fallen from the sky. 
  • The Astella Island Token is accessible in the RNG. 
  • You will see a yellow island questline on the island, and it helps you achieve different engravings. 
  • As you enter the island, you will see stars randomly falling from the sky
  • Players have to collect the stars to increase the chance of getting the tokens in Astella Island.

These are the steps that can help players get the Astella Island tokens.

What Are Players Saying?

After evaluating, we found a couple of comments from players on a video tutorial. We found a video tutorial over the internet where players have commented about the process of acquiring Astella Island Token. 

Players playing the game have shared a couple of comments on the token and the methods to get it in the game. They also shared the methods and urged players to follow them to get the token. 

Wrapping It All

Lost Ark is a virtual multiplayer game that is attracted many worldwide gamers. The platform has many exciting quests and rewards that make the game interesting. 

Players are now focused on earning the island token in the game, of which Astella Island Token is very popular. The rewarding token has attracted many gamers, and the methods to earn the token are shared above.

Have you earned the island token in Lost Ark? Kindly share your experiences in the comment section.

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