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Astar Coin (Feb) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

This article below has complete facts about Astar Coin, formerly known as Plasma that helps its holders to scale their infrastructure projects or dApp.

The Astar Network, formerly known as Plasm, is a winner of the third parachain auction spot over the Polkadot Network, in what can only be regarded as a precedent-setting move.

With the entire number of seats filled up so quickly, the Polkadot blockchain’s abilities are now being tested, just as they should be.

If you are from Turkey, the United States, or other world areas, you may check more about Astar Coin in the article below.

What is the Astar token?

A Substrate Runtime Module Library, Astar, is a cryptocurrency that lets programmers integrate Plasma procedures to their Substrate chain. 

You could obtain scalable blockchains in a few minutes by integrating an Astar (formerly known as Plasm) Substrate Runtime Module Library.

It is the Polkadot-native dApp hub supporting Layer2 solutions, dApp Staking, WebAssemble, and Ethereum. Besides, every on-chain transaction is subject to fees.

Developers of layer two applications deposit funds into their layer one smart contract and then build layer two applications.

Who founded the Astar Coin?

Soda Watanabe is the founder of Astra Network. The network serves as a bridge to the multi-chain era. For example, Astar Network connects many layer one blockchains to Polkadot.

Price chart of Astar crypto token:

  • Price- 0.514 USD
  • TVL Through Lockdrops- 150 k + ETH
  • Community Members- More than 30 000
  • Ecosystem Projects- More than forty
  • Fundraising Goal- 1 400 000 000 token
  • Token Sale- November 5 to December 16, 2021
  • Market Cap- Not Available
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- USD
  • Contributions- 27 000
  • Circulating Supply- Not Available
  • Maximum Supply- Not Available
  • Total Tokens- 7 000 000 000 
  • Market Rank of Astar Coin – # Not Available
  • Contract Address- Not Available

Price Prediction and Statics Astar crypto token:

Astar Network generated about 10 333 552 DOT coins valued at roughly 372.9 million USD from over 27 000 contributions, capitalizing on the previous accomplishments of the Moonbeam and the Acala networks.

Astar Network received a lot of support for its Polkadot auction offer. 

Although angel investors and investment firms such as OKEx, PAKA Ventures, and Binance Labs have praised the protocol and the effort it represents, Digital Finance Group donated about 300,000 DOT tokens worth around 12.8 million USD to assist the Astar Coin Network’s auction offer in November 2021.

Is the Astar crypto token a good investment?

Plasm Network was renamed Astar Network, and it symbolizes a distinct intellectual offshoot of the Polkadot system. 

The Astar Network will now be one of a select few protocols deployed alongside the parachain network in December 2021.

It is now up to the developers to figure out these blockchains’ unique characteristics.

How to earn the Astar crypto token?

You may earn ASTR or Astar crypto tokens by making smart contracts. It natively supports WebAssembly and Digital Machine and supports Layer2 rollups.

Astar Coin network’s advanced contract hub supports the DAO, NFTs, and DeFi, creating the premier multi-chain,

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the Astar token used for?

  1. The Astar crypto token facilitates the governance activities or tasks, including referenda and voting.

Q- Where to stake Astar tokens?

  • ASTR or Astar token holders may stake this crypto token over network and dApp. Also, tap here for additional details about the Astar crypto token. 


As the participant’s DOT tokens are locked for the period of the auction slot, Astar Network will compensate its backers with Astar Infrastructure native crypto tokens. 

There will certainly be two more candidates to fill the Astar Coin parachains’ predetermined five spots.

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