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Asher Ferguson Obituary: How Did Asher Ferguson Die? Also Explore His Full Biography Along With Details Of Age, Parents, Net worth, And Height

This article exposed Asher Ferguson Obituary and more about his health, mother, and his death cause.

Who is Asher Ferguson? What happened to Asher Ferguson? Is his death news true? Christine Tran Ferguson, a Travel influencer and famous personality in the United States, Canadahas a heartbreaking loss. Want to know more information about Tran Ferguson’s child’s death? Read Asher Ferguson Obituary article to know about the death cause and obituary.


Who is Asher Ferguson?

Asher Ferguson was a 15-month-old child. Asher was the child of Christine Tran Ferguson, a Travel influencer. On Thursday, Christine Ferguson revealed her son Asher Ferguson’s death on social media.

Christine Ferguson wrote on her Instagram page about her child’s death. She wrote in detail about the pain of losing her child. Asher is the only child of the couples Ryan Ferguson and Christine Tran Ferguson. 

How Did Asher Ferguson Die?

Asher Ferguson, the 15 months infant, was the only child of Ryan Ferguson and Christine Tran Ferguson. Asher’s mother, Christine Tran Ferguson, mentioned that the child had died battling an unidentified illness.

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Christine Tran Ferguson and Ryan Ferguson welcomed Asher Ferguson to the earth on 20th April 2022. The Ferguson couple met on the ninth anniversary. The travel blogger Tran Ferguson’s Tour de Lust site exposed detailed journeys to present various cities’ people. 

Tran Ferguson is also active on social media. In TikTok, she has approximately 274,000 followers. The popular travel guru states that she had 522,000 followers on Instagram before her son was admitted to ICU. Get more Wiki details about Tran Ferguson on her website.

Asher Ferguson Death

Tran Ferguson, the travel influencer, usually posts her travel experience on social media. Likewise, she also posted on social media earlier that her son was battling for his life in the hospital ICU without mentioning what was wrong.

She posted her prayers, also. She mentioned that to God to save her sweet Asher. Followed by prayers, she posted emojis, including her son Asher’s photo. Continue reading to get more details of Ferguson.

Asher Ferguson’s Cause of Death

The one-year-old child of Christine Tran Ferguson’s Asher died. Asher’s mother revealed her son’s death on social media. Christine Tran Ferguson, NYC influencer, has unfortunately lost her son, Asher Ferguson. Asher Ferguson New York, died the due to a mysterious illness. 

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Unfortunately, Christine Tran Ferguson, a Travel influencer, has lost a 1-year-old child, Asher Ferguson. This heartbreaking news makes Tran Ferguson’s family and followers deeply sorrowful. Click the link to get more detail about Asher Ferguson’s death

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Asher Ferguson Parents: FAQs

Q1. What is Asher Ferguson Age?

15 months

Q2. Who was Asher Ferguson’s Parents?

Ryan Ferguson and Christine Tran Ferguson

Q3. What is Ferguson’s Net worth?

1-2Millon USD

Q4. What is Tran Ferguson’s Height?

5 feet and 6 inches

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