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Asg Recovers Scam {March} Explore The Fact Behind it!

Read details regarding the strategies used by ASG Recovery to cheat the people. Read all the details of how Asg Recovers Scam is run.

Did you receive any calls from the ASG Recovery agency in the United States? Were you offered options to pay off your debt in easy and smaller instalments? Are you concerned regarding the harassment calls as you may not have any type of loan (or) debt on your account? You can visit the rslonline to learn more about other scamming history and recovery processes. 

Do you know what steps you need to take for such phishing and spam calls? Let’s check about Asg Recovers Scam.

What is ASG Recovery Scam?

People in the US are getting calls, text messages and VM from below mentioned numbers. The call is an automated recording and includes either the name of ‘Carol’, ‘Chris’ (or) ‘Mike’. The calls, text messages and VM instructed the recipients to access There is no live person available if you call back.

The calls informed recipients that they had an old debt. If unpaid, ASG Recovery will send a 1099C form as the debt collection is assigned to ASG Recovery. ASG also offered a settlement option to the recipients to pay just 10% of the total due by accessing But, Asg Recovers Scam involves registration at, which has a terrible 2% Trust Score. Hence, accessing the website due to a spam call is not advised.

ASG Recovery phone numbers:

  • +1(202)924-9290
  • +1(205)336-6033
  • +1(205)627-7004
  • +1(205)656-1162
  • +1(205)859-2893
  • +1(205)973-6553
  • +1(205)984-2632
  • +1(205)984-3821
  • +1(215)316-7148
  • +1(262)200-9004
  • +1(332)208-2256
  • +1(407)462-8371
  • +1(408)489-7927
  • +1(409)204-1430
  • +1(458)207-3267
  • +1(469)327-8785
  • +1(470)586-2159
  • +1(480)841-8527
  • +1(573)520-2273
  • +1(659)299-2017
  • +1(689)207-8075
  • +1(712)759-4186
  • +1(737)244-8940
  • +1(747)724-4117
  • +1(830)205-0224
  • +1(904)585-4601
  • +1(910)714-5823
  • +1(913)276-3826
  • +1(917)829-1596
  • +1(929)276-5897
  • +1(940)229-7893
  • +1(956)264-1134

People are worried as they do not remember any old loan (or) debt that they had unpaid. Scammers take advantage of such behaviour.

Basic and initial steps to avoid Asg Recovers Scam:

  1. You may request a Debt Validation Letter to know the original loan amount and loan provided. 
  2. You may contact the original loan provider if you anticipate you may owe them some amount.

How to identify a fake recovery call?

  • A fake recovery agent will be harsh and abusive over the call.
  • A fake recovery agent would demand payment immediately and offers to settle the loan at a low amount.
  • A fake agent would mostly accept bank transfer and offers only one or two more payments.
  • The recovery agents fail to provide basic information about the loan and will advise you to contact the original lender, which would confirm Asg Recovers Scam.
  • The Fake agent would not give you additional contact information and physical address. 
  • Finally, you may reach the same person if you dial the numbers of the recovery agency.


The ASG Recovery is a SCAM. is less than six months old, but it claims that it is twenty-five years old on its website. We request you not to access You can report such phone calls to FTC. Please comfort yourself and understand that all the happening on recovery calls, including harassment, is to apply pressure to extract money and financial information.

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