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Armz Legends Token {Nov 2021} How To Buy? Address, Price

This article provides how to play and earn through Armz Legends Token, its founder details, and contract address.

How much do you believe that you can earn by just playing online? Are you in search of making money quickly through cryptocurrency? If you are sure about it, then you must gather some knowledge on Armz Legends Token.

This article provides a brief knowledge of purchase, sell, profitability, price, and prediction. So, are you ready to invest and earn tremendously to boost your credibility in society?

It is a protrusive tenure in the Philippines, Taiwan, Brazil. Do not miss any notes in this article below.

What is Armz Legends?

Armz Legends is a prominent play that allows the holders to earn an NFT game on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). They aim to recruit the supreme potent Armz in the world and the downfall of all the enemies. The win of Armz Legends Token will support the holders to gain PROT tokens, thereby providing them its eligibility for recruiting many more Armz. Therefore it had created the community to experience pleasurable investment.

What is Armz?

Armz is the NFTs that a holder owns in Armz Legends. It is essential to have at least one Armz to continue playing this game. Armz is delivered as per ERC-721 standard, and there is no such limit to hold Armz in one account.


Let us take a look at some of the core team members behind this successful journey.

  1. William-CEO: 
  2. Matteo-CTO
  3. Max- CMO
  4. Zachary- Web3Developer
  5. Naoki-Artist

Price Chart and specification of Armz Legends Token 

  • Price: 0.66 $
  • Ticker of Token: $PROT
  • Type of Token: BEP-20
  • The Network used: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
  • Total supply: 10,000,000 $ PROT


This token provides support to its holders by upgrading their features on a timely basis. Its innovative approach of tokenomics ensures fun and enjoyment to its investors while they are engaged in their game.

  • Private sale: 125,000 $
  • Public sale: 325,000 $
  • Gameplay incentives:9,000,000 $
  • Treasury:50,000 $
  • Liquidity: 214,430 BUSD/ 324,894 PROT

No fee was transferred to the team while purchasing PROT. However, it had devised charges in BNB. Armz Legends Token charges 0.05 BNB while issuing and listing in the marketplace, improvising rarity, and boosting regularity. 

How to purchase it?

Let us go through the process of obtaining this token.

Step-1: Installing the Metamask and creating the account.

Step-2: Connect to BSC (Binance Smart Chain). PROT and Armz Legends need to set up BSC for further process. 

Add the following details to connect Networks in BSC:

  • New RPC Url: (https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/)
  • Block Explorer Url: (https://bscscan.com)
  • Symbol of Currency: BNB

Confirm and save the data. It is reflected in the Meta Mask wallet. Hence, you can purchase PROT. Use PROT to earn and fight, trading and taxation, staking, improving win rate and rarity.

Armz Legends Token is now prepared to increase your currency with a gigantic venue.


Let us go through some FAQs. 

Q1) What is PROT? 

A1) It is a native token that is eligible for Armz Legends. The tokens must make themselves deflationary by burning PROT $ entirely forever.

Q2) What is the contract address of Armz Legends? 

A2) 0xd3c9609b6cbc6ef02390f33c230590c38f9e5f9d .

Final Thoughts:

It is the project that is in the developing process by some of the enthusiastic cryptocurrency investors. Many people buy it, and they believe that the equality of blockchain is sufficient to gross their investment in the form of transparent fees. 

Comment your thoughts on Armz Legends Token in the comments sections below. Moreover, go through the Twitter page here.

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