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Armz Legends to PHP {Nov 2021} How to Buy? Chart, Price

This article helps you explore the information on the Armz Legends to PHP and the contract address.

Do you like to follow the new method of learning that plays to earn? Are you interested in these sorts of games that help you to make lots of cryptocurrencies? Does gaming encourage you more after you make money by playing? If yes, the Philippines are being encouraged, and if you are a resident, then it is your opportunity.  

Armz Legends to PHP is currently going on in the market as it is being used. The gamers are interested in earning or checking this game and participating in it, so if you want to know more about it, please stay connected with today’s article.

What are Armz Legends? 

Armz legend is an online game that helped us to convert our skills and luck chances into money. With the help of Ethereum and Bitcoins, this game was officially launched in November 2021, and it is a Binance Smart China coin. Their main aim is to recruit more and more supreme and potent arms for their player. Armz Legends to PHP is being considered as one of the most interesting cryptocurrency-based games. This is also clear because all the transactions are very simple and easy. We need to build stronger arms, compete with opponents, and defeat them to earn free currency in this game.

Founders of this currency

The founders of this cryptocurrency are mentioned below. The specific owner of this cryptocurrency was hiding his identity. William-CEO: Matteo-CTO Max- CMO Zachary- Web3Developer Naoki-Artist. All these are the founders of this cryptocurrency.

Armz Legends to PHP and Tokenomics 

  • Price:- 0.66 $
  • Ticker of Token: -$PROT
  • Type of Token: -BEP-20
  • The Network used:- BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
  • Total supply: -10,000,000 $ PROT
  • Private sale:-125,000 $
  • Public sale: -325,000 $
  • Gameplay incentives:-9,000,000 $
  • Treasury:- 50,000 $
  • Liquidity:- 214,430 BUSD/ 324,894 PROT. 

What is PHP? 

PHP is the name of cryptocurrency as this cryptocurrency is of that country, so people try to convert this currency into PHP. The most common question about PHP is how people can convert their Armz legend tokens into PHP or be said as Armz Legends to PHPIt is very easy nowadays as it could easily be changed through the trust wallet app by following some steps mentioned below in the heading of how to purchase Armz legends.

How to purchase Armz Legends? 

For this, you need to

  • Firstly download the game Armz legends and sign up by the Binance smart chain.
  • You can also get connected with the help of the Binance website, as this game is also available there.
  • With the help of a link and an OTP, we need to connect to that game.
  • BSC could transfer all the wins and rewards of Armz Legends to PHP to your crypto index.  

Some FAQs regarding this cryptocurrency 

1-) what do we get from the term PRTO?

A-) it could be said that this is the native token that is being used inside the game Armz Legends.

2-) what would be the contract address of this cryptocurrency?

A-)  0xd3c9609b6cbc6ef02390f33c230590c38f9e5f9d.


Today’s article could be concluded that this cryptocurrency is in trend nowadays, so there could be a chance of rising in size by investing. Still, all these actions must be taken only after a proper interrogation and investigation of Armz Legends to PHP. 

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