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Arkr.org Token (Feb 2022) Price, Contract Address

Please peruse this write-up to be apprised with the Arkr.org Token, the native coin of a platform that deals with low market cap charity and meme tokens. 

Are you an animal lover or want to contribute towards bettering your environment? Then, you must have a knack for charity crypto coins? How about meme tokens? Do you have an interest in those as well? Then, the following article will provide a lot of information.

Please read this write-up to learn about the Arkr.org Token, which deals with tokens having a low circulating supply. Traders Worldwide are keen to gain knowledge about this project. So please read on to know how you can invest and help your environment simultaneously. 

What is Arkr.org?

Arkr.org is a website that acts as a platform for meme coins and charity tokens having low and micro caps. This implies that the circulating supply of these crypto tokens is minuscule compared to other coins in the marketplace. 

The portal is based on the KCC, i.e., the Kucoin Community Chain, and its native token is the Arkr.org Token. It is a decentralized platform that emphasizes tokens with low market caps to attract more traders. 

Founder of Arkr.org

We tried searching for the names of the founders of this portal but could not find any. The website refers to the developers as the Arkr team and has not mentioned any names.

Price of the Arkr.org Coin Today

This crypto token is newly launched, so the crypto exchanges have not fixed any price for it. Moreover, being a newborn token, it is not listed in major crypto exchanges. 

Arkr.org Coin Supply / Market Supply

As mentioned in the previous section, the developers have launched the Arkr.org Token recently, and it is to be enlisted in the leading crypto exchanges. However, we found the below figures on the Web.

  • Total Supply – 100,000,000 ARKR.org
  • Circulating Supply – 99,200,000 ARKR.org

Also, the team has not updated its portal properly as in one segment, it is mentioned the sale has concluded in July 2021, whereas another section mentions that the presale date is to be announced. Thus, we cannot declare if its trading has begun or not. Nonetheless, we found from the Net that there have been 3,261,589 transfers for this token. 

How to Buy the Arkr.org Token?

The Arkr.org coin is available on the Pancakeswap portal. Thus, please find the below steps to buy it from this platform.

  • Firstly, you need to buy Binance coins, i.e. BNB, which you will swap for this crypto token.
  • Now, download in install a wallet like MetaMask or Trustwallet.
  • Deposit your BNB to the wallet that you installed.
  • Now, go to Pancakeswap and link your wallet.
  • Next, add the Argr.org coin by copying and pasting its contract address. 
  • Check the value of the exchange pair and state the number of tokens you want to buy.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the locking period of the Arkr.org Token?

A1. The team has fixed the lock-up time as two months for developing this coin’s ecosystem.

Q2. Where can you learn more about this coin on social media?

A2. You can view the Twitter and Telegram handles of this crypto coin to know about its latest updates.

Q3. What is the smart contract address of this coin?

A3. This smart contract address of this coin is 0x04645027122c9f152011f128c7085449b27cb6d7 on Bsc Scan. 

The Concluding Thoughts

The platform is the first interface dedicated to meme and charity coins. However, before you trade the Arkr.org Token, it will be helpful to go through the Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them, as it is naïve. Furthermore, here are some charity coins that you might be interested in. Please share your opinions about this token below. 

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