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Arielle Charnas Reddit: Check More Details On Her Husband, Net Worth, Age, Sisters, And Family

This article about Arielle Charnas Reddit came up with Arielle and Bradon rumors that proved false.

Arielle Charnas, the founder of the fashion line “something navy,” which started as a blog in 2009, is a matter of talk nowadays along with her husband, Bradon Charnas.

Do you know about this piece of information? Are you pondering about the matter in the news? Do you know people here and there in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are talking about the same thing? Read this article about Arielle Charnas Reddit till the end to perceive the details of this news.


Why is Arielle Charnas all over the news?

Nowadays, we can see that news about famous personalities goes viral, like with the founder of the fashion line “something navy,” Arielle Charnas. You might be reasoning about the reason for her to get into talks suddenly. So, there is no single reason for her to be in the news. 

The first reason was that people wondered if Bradon and Arielle Charnas were getting divorced. The spokeswomen confirm that all these are rumors and she is living happily with Brandon and their three daughters. 

Recently Arielle Charnas disabled her comment section, due to which people started to assume the reasons on Reddit. In this article, you can check the link under the header “social media links,” below. You can see that people are assuming the reason behind the disabled comment section. 

The other reason for Arielle to be in the news is her husband, Bradon. Rumors about Bradon were there that he was supposedly pilfering from “something navy,” on which the CEO says that Arielle’s Husband, Bradon doesn’t have access to any account and was not an employee, so he is innocent.

Arielle Charnas biography-lets know more about her:

Real Name Arielle Noa Charnas
Nick Name Unknown
Date Of Birth 13th June 1987
Birthplace Old Westbury In New York
Age 35
Profession Designer, Social Media Influencer, Fashion Blogger
Famous For Her Controversy During Covid-19
Working Since 2009
Ethnicity Jewish
Children Ruby, Esme Rae and Lou
Net Worth Around $10 Million
Height 5ft 8 Inch
Family Unknown

You can check her social media handles on twitter and Instagram in the “social media links” header. 

Additional information:

Arielle Charnas went to university in Syracuse with her elder sister. She further stated that she got her first internship because of her sister and followed her footfall. 

“Something navy contains almost eight investors, some of them are Tommy Hilfiger and M3 venture. At first, she started something navy as a blog that built the whole company at the Age of 22.

Social media links:

Arielle Charnas twitter

Arielle Charnas Instagram

Arielle Charnas reddit


Arielle Charnas’s spokeswomen have denied the rumors that Bradon and Arielle divorced. The CEO of “something navy,” Matt, stated that the rumors of Bradon supposedly stealing was wrong and that he had no access to company funds. For more information about Arielle, click on the link.

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Arielle Charnas Net Worth– FAQs:

Q1. What is the age of Arielle’s three daughters?

Ruby and Lou are 6, and Esme is 4.

Q2. What is the wedding date of Bradon and Arielle?

The duo got married on 18th October 2014.

Q3. What does Bradon do?

He is a real estate lawyer and an entrepreneur.

Q4. What is the net worth of ” something navy”?

The net worth is $45 million.

Q5. Is Arielle Charnas the owner of “something navy”?

Yes, she started it in 2009 as a blog.

Q6. Does Arielle have any Sisters?

Yes, she has an older sister, but the name is not on the web.

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