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We will learn about Arielle Charnas Husband, his occupation, and why the couple is in trending news these days.

Do you know who Arielle Charnas is? Who is her husband? Why is he in the news? What are people talking about their relationships on social media?

People across the United States and Canada want to be informed about the latest news from celebrities. We are covering here one of the news about Arielle Charnas Husband and what people are talking about him.


What are people talking about Arielle Charnas and her husband?

There is a discussion on social media regarding Arielle Charnas and her husband, Brandon Charnas. The forum is related to her husband embezzling funds from Arielle’s company, Something Navy. Moreover, people are also discussing the couple’s divorce soon.

While other opposed this and said, the relationship between the two is absolutely on good terms. Arielle Charnas got married to Brandon Charnas on October 18, 2014. The discussion about Scandal and divorce is now trending on social media.

Who is Arielle Charnas?


Who is Arielle Charnas

Arielle Noa Charnas, who is also known as Arielle Charnas, was born on June 13, 1987, and is a social media influencer and fashion blogger. She was raised in a Jewish family in Old Westbury, New York. Arielle launched her brand Something Navy in 2009. It is related to fashion and lifestyle brands. Moreover, she was also in partnership with Nordstrom, which ended in 2019.

Arielle was in controversies during the pandemic time. When she tested positive for Covid, it was said that she used her connection when tests were limited. She received criticism for this.

Who is Arielle Charnas Husband?

Brandon Charnas is her husband, a real estate advisor, agent, and co-founder of CURRENT Real Estate. The company focuses on working with digitally native brands who are looking for physical space. Prior to this, he was an associate at Kirkland and Ellis, LLP and managed equity debt finance.

Apart from this, he is also a lawyer who got his degree from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Brandon and Arielle are the parents of Ruby Lou, Esme Rae, and Navy Bea. He is a loving and caring husband and father who usually posts photos of himself with his daughter and family. But the discussion of Fraud and divorce is definitely heart-breaking news for all. The truth is yet to reveal.


Brandon Charnas is the husband of Arielle Charnas, and they are in the news because people talking about their relationship are not on good terms. The reality behind this trending news will come in future if anybody talks about it. You can visit here for Arielle Charnas’s brand.

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Arielle Charnas Husband- FAQs

Q1. Who is Arielle Charnas?

She is a fashion influencer and the head of the brand Something Navy.

Q2. What is the name of her husband?

Her husband’s name is Brandon Charnas.

Q3. How long have they been married?

The couple got married on October 18, 2014. Therefore, they have been married for the past eight years.

Q4. Do they have kids?

Yes, the couple has three kids.

Q5. What are people talking about them on Reddit?

People say that her husband is embezzling funds from Arielle’s company, and soon, they are getting divorced.

Q6. What is the reality behind this discussion?

We cannot say if it is a true or baseless discussion as they have yet to talk about it publicly.

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