Arena Swap Token 2021.

Arena Swap Token (July 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Arena Swap Token (July 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy? >> The guide shares details about the DeFi token, and the market starts to help investors make the right choice.    

Are you looking for the ultimate platform for yield farming and gambling? Then, it would help if you consider using the Arena Swap, the newly launched DeFi exchange based on Binance Smart Chain. The exchange platform is built in BSC, and it primarily focuses on gamification of yield gambling and farming. 

The popular exchange in the Philippines focuses on making yield farming and decentralized finance mainstream via storytelling and gamification. It uses the native coin called Arena Swap Token, and we are here to discuss the market cap analysis, price, and circulating supply of the token on major exchanges.     

What is Arena Swap?

Arena Swap is the newly launched DeFi exchange platform that is developed and backed by Binance Smart Chain. The platform focuses on the gamification of yield gambling and farming, attracting many investors in the Philippines.

Arena Swap is developed with a mission to make yield farming and DeFi ordinary via story narration and gamification, thereby developing the robust ecosystem to support the value of the Arena Swap Token and NFTs.     

The platform uses a powerful Deflationary system to protect the token’s value, and NFT collectible games and gamified gambling are built to sustain its value. 

Who are the Founders?

We have evaluated the official website and found no details regarding the CEO and owners of the Arena Swap. However, we found that the explorers of the token are Binance Smart Chain. 

Besides, the token has registered 81 transfers to date, and there are over 23 holders worldwide. You can find more details about the game and exchange platform on the website. 

Arena Swap Token – Market Stats, Price and Circulating Supply  

After evaluating, we have found a few details about the token’s market stats. As per the top exchanges, the live price recorded at the time of writing the post is $5.56 per token. A decline in value of 20.8% has been recorded in the last 24 hours. The last known trading volume of the token is $2 819 916, and the volume has been reduced by 26.3% in the last 24 hours. 

After evaluating, we found no details regarding the market capitalization and ranking of Arena Swap Token. The token has the circulating supply of 5 71 000 ARENA, and the data of maximum circulating supply is not available. 

How to Buy Arena Swap?

Arena Swap is available for trading on major exchanges, including PanCakeSwap. However, you need to have sufficient BNB or BSC to buy the token, as you can’t purchase it with fiat.

  • Download the digital wallet and add money to your account
  • Link the wallet to PanCakeSwap
  • Transfer the amount you want to use for Arena Swap Token
  • Use the contract address 0x4302473201204c374557d332e6654730e2f958eb to find the token
  • Enter the amount you want to swap 
  • Click on the swap button, and you are done.
  • Transfer the token to your wallet and hold


Q1. What is the Official Website of Arena Swap?

A1. The official link of Arena Swap is

Q2. Which Contract Address to Use?

A2. Use 0x4302473201204c374557d332e6654730e2f958eb as the contract to buy the token.

Q3. What is the Live Price of Arena Swap?

A3. The live price of Arena Swap is $5.33, and this data is extracted at the time of writing the post.


Arena Swap Token is the native currency used on the DeFi exchange platform called Arena Swap. It is the exchange platform developed on BSC, and it aims to bring in gamification of gambling and yield farming. 

It focuses on making yield farming and DeFi the mainstream via storytelling and gamification and developing an ecosystem to heighten the value of Arena Swap and NFTs. 

However, you must not invest based on these claims; instead, check for the future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 before investing.  

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