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Arcade Network Crypto (Feb 2022) Price & How To Buy?

This article below is about Arcade Network Crypto that comes with ARC utility and rewards to meet the business requirements with revenue and ownership.

Arcade Network is the first decentralized platform around the world for asset interoperability across multiple metaverses. Arcade Network offers a unified relayer bridge using the technology of NFT’s and Blockchain, allowing for seamless in-game assets’ movements.

Traders in the United States seek additional information about Arcade Network to know if this cryptocurrency will prove profitable in the coming years. So, please scroll down and learn additional details of Arcade Network Crypto and its success potential.

What is the Arcade Network token?

The ARC or Arcade Network Token is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The current supply of Arcade Network Token is about 1 473 266.94284192. Arcade Network Token’s last known price is nearly 4.29539919 USD and is up by around 0.00% during the previous twenty-four hours.

We also advise our viewers to explore Arcade Network to learn if it proves profitable or not. Trading without knowing the worth of Arcade Network would not be a wise decision.

Who founded Arcade Network Crypto?

The founders and creators of Arcade Network are as follows:

  • CEO and founder- Chinka G
  • Advisor- Ritam Gupta, Luke Lombe, and Jamie Thomson
  • Blockchain Lead- Arhaam
  • Marketing and Operational Lead- Aman Singh
  • Full-Stack Developer- Abhinav Robinson

Price chart of Arcade Network token:

  • Price- $ 4.30
  • 24 Hours low- $ 0
  • 24 Hours High- $ 4.30
  • 24 Hours Volume- Not Available 
  • All-time High- Not Available
  • All-time Low- Not Available
  • Market Cap- Not Available
  • Circulating Supply- 1 473 266.94 ARC
  • Maximum Supply- Not Available
  • Total Supply- 1 473 267
  • Market Rank- Not Available

Price Prediction and Statics of Arcade Network token:

The present price of Arcade Network Crypto or ARC Token is approximately 4.30 USD, and the trading volume is not available for the past twenty-four hours. 

The price of Arcade Network Token has remained unchanged in the past twenty-four hours with the non-availability of market cap, ranking, and the maximum supply. There are approximately 1 473 267 Arcade Network or ARC coins in circulation at present.

Is the Arcade Network token a good investment?

Arcade Network comes with several features and modules as its platform is an ARC module suite, empowering the gaming ecosystem.

This token increases your viewers by allowing in-game assets to be shared all over game limits in Arcade Network Crypto.

Besides, people who develop games and bring and launch their metaverses or games to life but don’t have enough resources or funds may utilize ArcVerse.

It also enables them to launch metaverses to life but don’t have the funds or resources to use ArcVerse, which allows you to launch metaverses nearly immediately without needing their graphics or assets.

How to buy the Arcade Network token?

You can use Cryptocollectibe and Multicurrency wallet for mobile and web to store NFTs, ARC, and other partner cryptocurrencies.

It allows you to withdraw and deposit digital cryptocurrencies with a simple UI at any time from and on the Arcade Network Crypto Platform.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the circulating supply of Arcade Network’s tokens?

  1. The circulating supply of Arcade Network’s token is approximately 1 473 266.94 ARC.

Q- What is the all-time high of Arcade Network’s tokens?  

  • The all-time high of Arcade Network’s coin is around $ 4.30. You can also click here to get complete information about Arcade Network token. 


What could be preferable than tremendously increasing the value of your in-game items purchased by utilizing the Arcade Network Metaverse Market for your in-game Assets?

Arcade Network also allows asset traders to lend or sell bought assets on the Arcade Network Crypto platform or any other NFT marketplace. Besides, learn additional facts about What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency.

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