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Arcade Coin to PHP (Sep) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

Please read this article to know in detail about a newly released crypto gaming platform and the conversion of Arcade Coin to PHP, the Filipino currency.

Do you want to earn by playing games of different genres on a single platform? Do crypto games interest you? Are you passionate about gaining money by playing with your friends on a multi-game platform? Then, without further ado, check out this article on a newly launched crypto-gaming portal. 

In this report, we have collected facts about Arcade Coin to PHP, a fresh cryptocurrency that is based entirely on games.  Here PHP means Peso, which is the currency of the Philippines.

What is Arcade Coin?

Arcade coin is a cryptocurrency that one can earn by playing games of numerous categories. The portal is launched in November 2020, and currently, the team is working on developing the games and the documentation. The ecosystem of this token is grounded on the Binance Smart Chain, owing to the latter’s lesser setting up charges compared to other blockchains. 

Some of the games by which Arcade Coin to PHP can be mined include CryptoCraft Online, Crypto Tibia, and CrpytoMu Origin, out of which the website of Crypto Tibia was created in March 2021.

Founder of the Arcade Coin

Steven Beals is the co-founder of the Arcade coin and is also its Marketing Vice President.

Price of the Arcade Coin Today

Presently, the token is undergoing its ICO or Initial Coin Offerings, and the developers have set the price of 1 ARCADE as 0.002 BUSD, which is equivalent to ₱0.1. 

Arcade Coin Supply / Market Supply

Please find below the statistical data of Arcade Coin to PHP. As the pre-sale of these coins is taking place, the actual trading of these tokens is yet to occur.

  • Funds raised –At present, it is ₱499,405
  • Target contribution – ₱998,810
  • Comparison with BNB – 1 BNB equals 350,000 ARCADE
  • Maximum ICO – ₱31,961,920

How to Purchase the Arcade Coins?

Please find below the simple steps to buy the subject crypto tokens using Binance Smart Chain. 

  • At first, you need to install Trust Wallet, a leading crypto wallet, and create an account. 
  • On the upper right corner, type ‘Arcade’ and search to continue with the conversion of Arcade Coin to PHP.
  • If not found, click on ‘Add Custom Token’ and follow as mentioned below.
  • Change BNB to Binance Smart Chain, and copy-paste the smart contract address of the Arcade coin in the required box. 
  • Enter the name and symbol (ARCADE) of the added token, and click on ‘Done’.
  • Buy Binance Smart Chain after completing the documentation requirements. 
  • Now, go to the browser section, open Pancakeswap, and connect the Trust Wallet.
  • Under the ‘Swap’ section, exchange Binance coins (BNB) for Arcade coins (ARCADE). 

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the current price of Arcade Coin to PHP?

A1. The initial price of this coin has been set to ₱0.1.

Q2. Is the Arcade coin the same as the Arcade token?

A2. No. The two are different cryptocurrencies. 

Q3. Can I play any game of this crypto?

A3. Yes. The developers have activated the portal of the Crypto Tibia game.

Q4. Will I be able to play the games on my smartphone?

A4. Yes. The team shall make the crypto games available on both desktops and smartphones. 

Q5. When is the Initial Coin Offering ending?

A5. The ICO of the Arcade coins are concluding on 12 October 2021.

Conclusion on Arcade Coin to PHP

Unlike other crypto platforms that offer a single game for earning rewards, the Arcade coins can be obtained by playing many games in a single forum, resembling an amusement arcade. Also, as this is a newly launched idea, please be informed about the Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them before expenditure and read here for more updates of Arcade Coin 

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