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Apsara Iyer Linkedin: Check Who Is Apsara, Where Is Apsara Iyer Now? Also Check Latest Update On Apsara Iyer Harvard

Apsara Iyer LinkedIn will discuss the latest news, who she is, her achievements, and what she has to say about reaching this position.

Have you heard the news of Harvard Law’s president? Who has been elected as its new president? Whom she replaced, and who is she? Do you know about Apsara Iyer?

Apsara Iyer has been in the United States and other countries’ news headlines since she achieved the prominent position. Let us briefly describe her journey to Harvard Law in Apsara Iyer LinkedIn post.


What is the latest news?

The news is about a 29-year-old Indian-American second-year student who has been elected to a prestigious position as the 137th president of Harvard Law Review. The Harvard Law Review, which was established in 1887, is one of the oldest student-run legal study magazines. Apsara was previously researching art crime repatriation since 2018. She replaces Priscila Coronado, the respected publication’s first Latina president.

On the achievement of Apsara, Coronado said that she always astonished her colleagues with her superior intelligence, thoughtfulness, compassion, and ardent advocacy. She has improved many lives and is confident that she will do so in the future.

Who Is Apsara– know her?

  • Apsara Iyer is an Indian-American student who is elected as the 137th president of the Harvard Law Review at the age of 29.
  • She completed her graduation from Yale in 2016 with Economics, Math, and Spanish.
  • She then pursued an MPhil as a Clarendon Scholar at Oxford University as a result of her interest in archaeology and indigenous people.
  • Iyer joined the Manhattan District Attorney’s Antiquities Trafficking Unit (ATU) in 2018.
  • While researching art and crime there, she helped authorities to return more than eleven hundred stolen art safely works to fifteen different countries.
  • Apsara Iyer Harvard has always shown interest in establishing the link between communities around archeological sites and management of cultural heritage, according to Crimson.
  • She began her studies at Harvard Law School in 2020. 
  • She became a member of the International Human Rights Clinic and the South Asian Law Students Association.

What does Apsara Iyer have to say about all these?

Apsara Iyer is delighted over her acceptance into such a prestigious organization with diverse legal interests. She stated that she had a goal to engage more editors in the process of reading and selecting papers while upholding the publication’s reputation for high-quality work. After Apsara Iyer Harvard joined, she said she wanted to focus on making sure we kept the lights on and everything going.


Apsara Iyer was elected as the 137th president of Harvard Law Review, and she became the first Indian-American student to reach this prestigious position. We have discussed here brief details about it. You can check LinkedIn news by clicking here.

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Apsara Iyer LinkedIn- FAQs

Q1. Who is Apsara Iyer?

Apsara Iyer was elected as the 137th president of Harvard Law Review.

Q2. How old is she?

She is 29 years old.

Q3. When did she complete her graduation?

She completed her graduation from Yale in 2016 with Economics, Math, and Spanish.

Q4. Whom did Apsara Iyer succeed?

As per sources, she succeeded Priscila Coronado, the first Latina president.

Q5. Where Is Apsara Iyer now?

She is now elected to the post of Harvard Law Review and became the first woman from the Indian-American community to reach here.

Q6. When was Harvard Review Law established?

It was established in 1887 and is said to be one of the oldest student-run legal scholarship publications.

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