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Apindotiket.com: Check Its Features And Legitimacy, Also Find Details On Tiket Sale

We bring to you extensively consolidated reviews to know about the features and legitimacy of the Tiket sale on Apindotiket.com.

Are you planning to attend Pekan Raya Lampung 2023 in Indonesia? The annual event will feature different competitions like dance, brewer, fashion shows, Etc. So, are you ready to have fun? Did you know about Tiket sale on Apindotiket.com? But before purchasing, would you like to read reviews of Apindotiket?

About Apindotiket.com:

Apindotiket is a young website endorsed by pekanrayalampung.id to sell tickets for Pekan Raya Lampung 2023 (Buung Fair 2023), an annual event that starts on 6th/October/2023 and ends on 21st/October/2023. The annual event is popularly hashtagged as #Digitalisasi Perekonomian Menuju Lampung Berjaya and #Digitalizing the Economy Towards Stylish Buoys.

Pekanrayalampung.id is the official website selling tickets for the annual event. However, Apindotiket.com and TribunBooking.com are also promoted by Pekanrayalampung.id for selling annual event tickets. It is the largest annual event in the Province of Lampung, supporting the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises(MSME).

Event tiket at Apindo Tiket com:

The annual event is also supported by Pemerintah Provinsi Lampung and Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia DPP Lamung, featuring Automotive/Banking/Branded fashion/Branded products/Building materials/Children’s toys/Computer and electronics/Cosmetics/Creative products/Food and drink/Garment/Handphones/Handicraft/Interior/Leather/Multi-product/Property/Services and soe products/Shoes/Sport and health/Stationary/Telecommunications/Furniture.

Buung Fair 2023 at Jl. Sumpah Pemuda, Perumnas Way Halim, Kec. Kedaton, Kota Bandar Lampung, Lampung-35132, will be held between 3:00 PM and 10:00 PM. It features performance of The Changcuters/Type-X/Ndx A.K.A./Oom Leo X El Rumi/Threesixty/Davinci/Andi Achmad And The New Puranty/Sevres Morning Joy/H.B.O.K./Jovita Vania/Yuta/City Of Earth Wolf Warrior Diplomacy/The Kanstal/Godam Atbj/Artikata/o’Reunion/Shine.

The features of Apindo Tiket com:

Apindotiket is currently inaccessible. The website displays a blank page but no error message. Tokowinda.com is the owner of Apindotiket. However, its contact details are censored using paid privacy services of resellercamp.com. 

Apindotiket has an average of zero visitors monthly, yielding a $0 traffic value. Apindotiket has one do-followup link. Apindotiketlas has an average load time of 1.64 seconds, with a 94% A-performance grade (which is considered fast), and a landing page size of 2.4 MB.

Apindotiket relays its services using server serial# b3bddff8a7845bbce903a04135b34a45, 079e492886376fd40848c23fc631e463, and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7 targeting candy.ns.cloudflare.com( and marvin.ns.cloudflare.com( located in the USA. CloudFlare Inc., Britan is its ISP.

The legitimacy of Apindotiket.com:

Apindotiket gained an average of 87%↑ trust, a poor 39.7%↓ business, 22%↑ suspicion, 45%↑ threat, 44%↑ malware, 45%↑ phishing, and 10%↓ spam scores. Apindotiket gained a poor 1/100↓ Domain Authority(DA) and zero↓ Alexa rank.

Apindotiket is a new website registered five days ago, on 29th/September/2023, in Lampung, Indonesia. It was last updated four days ago on 30th/September/2023. Apindotiket has a short life expectancy as its registration will expire within 11-months and 26-days on 29th/September/2024.

Its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) issued by Let’s Encrypt for the next 86-days. Apindotiket is not blacklisted and uses a valid HTTPS protocol.

Customer Apindotiket.com reviews:

As a young website, there were no individual user reviews for Apindotiket on customer review websites and social media. Click here to learn more about PayPal scams, as five website reviews suggest that Apindotiket is possibly a scam.

Social media links:


Apindotiket is a few days old website registered for only one year. Due to a new startup, Apindotiket gained terrible business, suspicion, malware, phishing, spam, threat, DA, and Alexa rankings. Hence, the website seems highly-risky for financial transactions, user devices, personal, and payment data. Click here to learn about credit card scams, as Apindotiket.com will take time to improve its scores as it is already endorsed by pekanrayalampung.id.

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