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Apecoin Token Price (March 2022) Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the newly launched token and the Apecoin Token Price for the investors.

Governance tokens are significantly taking up the crypto space, with hundreds of tokens launching daily. Recently, a new governance token has been launched to empower decentralized community building at the vanguard of Web3. 

Introducing Apecoin Token, the decentralized governance token for gaming, culture, and commerce used to empower the decentralized community building at Web3. The native token in the Ape Ecosystem attracts many investors in the United States, and holders are governed through the decentralized governance framework controlling DAO.

However, the token is presently not launched on exchanges, and hence you won’t find any live Apecoin Token Price and statistics.  

What is Apecoin Token?

Apecoin Token is the ERC-20 type governance token launched to be used within the APE ecosystem. It focused on empowering and incentivizing decentralized community building at the vanguard of the Web3 platform.

All the token holders are governed through the decentralized governance framework managing the ApeCoin DAO. They can also vote on how the funds within the ecosystem can be utilized. The administrators of the token agree on the votes of the holders. 

The holders are also eligible for participating in the DAO and get shared and open currency to use within centralized intermediaries. Since it is not launched yet on exchanges, the Apecoin Token Price is unknown.   

Founders of Apecoin Token

Apecoin Token is the decentralized governance project inspired by Yuga Lab’s board ape yacht project. The token is launched to be used within the flourishing Ape Ecosystem, and Ape Foundation backs it. 

However, the name of the board members and CEO is not shared on the official website. But, the project is live and active on Twitter and other social media platforms with many followers in the United States. Besides, the token is yet to be launched on exchanges, so we can’t share the market statistics of the token. 

What are the Live Apecoin Token Price and Market Statistics?

As mentioned, there are no market statistics available on Apecoin Token. The token was launched on 17th March 2022, and the official website lacks the Tokenomics and market statistics. What we have found is the total circulating supply of the token. 

Apecoin Token is launched with a total circulating supply of 30.25%. The number is likely to increase after the launch day at regular intervals for up to 48 months.  

The amount of circulation is likely to increase. Since it is not available for trading on exchanges, the Apecoin Token Price can’t be unveiled. 

How to Buy Apecoin Token?

Apecoin Token is not available for trading as of now. But it will be launched soon on major decentralized exchanges, including SushiSwap and other centralized exchanges. 

  • To buy the token, investors have to link their wallets to the exchanges
  • Choose the supported currency and add funds to buy them
  • Find the token using the contract address 0x4d224452801aced8b2f0aebe155379bb5d594381
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Check the live Apecoin Token Price when buying
  • Click on the swap button, and you are done 


Q1. What is the Official Link of Apecoin Token?

A1. The official website of the token is https://apecoin.com/

Q2. Which Contract Address to Use to Buy Ape Coin?

A2. The correct contract address for Ape Coin is 0x4d224452801aced8b2f0aebe155379bb5d594381


Apecoin Token is the ERC-20 governance token launched to empower the decentralized community. However, the token is recently launched, and the market stats are untracked. So, the live market value and Apecoin Token Price are unavailable. Until it is available for trading on major exchanges, you may check the Best Crypto to Invest in 2022 for a profitable return. 

Do you have any updates to share about Apecoin Token? Please share it in the comment section. 

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