Top 4 Apartment Security System and Benefits in Buildings

Top 4 Apartment Security System and Benefits in Buildings

Tenant safety should be your main responsibility if you manage an apartment complex or other multi-unit housing structure. After all, if residents don’t feel safe, they don’t want to live in your building. Increased security will not only make your tenants pleased, but it will also benefit other areas of your company. Discover the top security systems in an apartment building.

Let’s first understand what an apartment security system is:

A security system for an apartment complex often incorporates multiple levels of security technologies to protect the building and guarantee that only people with the proper authorization can enter the building. One, several, or all of the hardware components required for your sites can be included in security systems. A security system for apartment complexes is important in some capacity whether you oversee a small, multi-unit property or a large one.
You may be required by law, as a building manager or landlord, to have and maintain specific security and safety measures for everyone who lives or works on your property. To ensure that residents and property are safe, apartment buildings must have multiple levels of security.

Top 4 Apartment security systems:

  1. Swiftlane Touchless Access Control and Video Intercom for Apartments – 

For residential buildings, Swiftlane offers a whole new access control experience. Use face recognition to unlock doors. Built with strong privacy protections and end-to-end encryption. Add face and smartphone unlock to the current key fob-based experience to upgrade it. A mobile app-based entry into a shared space is intended to instantly display neighboring doors that have been found via Bluetooth and to remotely unlock them with a single click.

An innovative visitor intercom solution that replaces outdated wired or telephone line-based intercoms. An apartment building’s residents can be reached through wireless video calls using the Swiftlane mobile app. Make excellent video conversations, keep an eye on who is at the door, and refrain from letting individuals inside the facility. Use the app to remotely unlock the door for guests.

  1. ButterflyMX Video Intercom – A business’s security must-haves include video intercoms, and choosing the best system to meet its unique requirements involves several different considerations. ButterflyMX, a well-known brand in the business, provides a cloud-based, video-streaming intercom system that includes two-way video calling, elevator control, and remote access. The video intercom system can also be used in smaller industrial properties and commercial buildings. However, it works best in gated communities, HOAs, and multifamily apartments. 
  2. Siedle Vario Intercom – For more than 70 years, the German firm Siedle has been creating and enhancing door entrance intercoms. The two-wire Bus Video Modulator, which may also support numerous external cameras, connects the video door stations and inside stations of the Siedle Vario video intercom system.
  3. Openpath Apartment and Residential building access control – Improve the security of your multi-tenant homes with a system that can be updated in the future. Openpath provides an easy-to-use solution for multi-family residential access management with its user-friendly mobile app and wireless lock integration functionality. With the system’s strong reporting tools and digital visitor cards, residential property management is now easier than ever while enhancing security.

Benefits of apartment security system:

  1. Increased security – Whether it’s a CCTV system, an alarm system, or something else, the majority of properties have some kind of security system installed. A safer, more secure complex can be achieved by using an apartment security system, which can add another layer to access control. An excellent option to improve security on the property is to install an apartment intercom system. Residents and building personnel can readily observe and interact with visitors before granting them access to the property thanks to this security system. Everyone will feel more secure as an outcome.
  2. Enhanced communication – A security system for apartments can improve communication between tenants and visitors. Residents can observe and communicate with visitors at the front entrance without leaving their apartments thanks to the system, which may include a phone or video monitor. Residents and employees can easily communicate with visitors, delivery vehicles, maintenance workers, and others thanks to an apartment security system.
  3. Improved resident experience – There are various amenities that tenants demand in modern apartment complexes, from security measures to swimming pools. Around many apartment complexes, advanced apartment security systems are gaining popularity. Due to this integration, the resident experience can be enhanced, and the building’s reputation can be increased. Improved communication between the owner and the tenants can also be accomplished by installing an apartment security system, such as an intercom system. The landlord can contact the renters over the intercom if there are any problems with the apartment. This can aid in the quick and simple resolution of any issues.

Every apartment tenant and apartment building owner should place a significant focus on maintaining the security of their property. Any structure must have enough security mechanisms in place to maintain the highest levels of security.

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