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Anusha Damayanthi Wikipedia: Check Her Facebook Profile for Wedding Photos! Know About Her Husband! Check Recent News!

This article gives information about Anusha Damayanthi Wikipedia and covers the facts about her wedding and occupation.

Do you want to know about the famous Sri Lankan actress, Anusha Damayanthi? As Indian cinema is bringing talents from Worldwide, there’s one actress who is talented and won different reality shows in Sri Lanka.

In this article, we will tell you about everything related to Anusha Damayanthi, which helps you to know about the actress better mentioned on the Anusha Damayanthi Wikipedia. Also, we will cover some important information related to her personal and professional life. So, let’s find out. 


Who is Anusha Damayanthi?

Anusha Damayanthi is a Sri Lankan actress who has worked in many films since 1996 and in theatre groups. She also participated in a dance reality show known as Dance Stars Dance and won the competition. 

Her first stage show is named Indian Sagare, which Sisil Gunasekara directs. She acted in different plays, like Vaniciye Twinsla and Dancing Super Star. She has done a good number of films as her first film was released in 1996 and some of her project’s date is not revealed. 

Who is Anusha Damayanthi’s Husband?

The spouse’s name is Amila, and there’s no information about her spouse as her marital status says she’s single and not updated. Also, there isn’t any information on the internet related to her previous affairs and relationships. The couple got married recently as the photos are published in the newspaper. 

She is a known superstar in the Sri Lankan industry, and like other stars Worldwide, she is also open to working with different industries. There is very limited information mentioned about the actress as she likes to stay away from any controversies. 

Anusha Damayanthi’s social media accounts

While checking Anusha Damayanthi’s social media account, we found that there isn’t any official Profile in the actress’s name. Although she has a Facebook page where she posts photos, there’s no information about the social media account.

On Instagram, we can only find the fan club page, and the LinkedIn account shows a beautician account in the name of Anusha Damayanthi in Sri Lanka. Apart from that, there isn’t any social media in which she is present. But, her 1 fan club page is also present to which link is attached in the conclusion. 

She got 133K followers on the FB page, and her latest post is 19 hours old, which shows that the page is active. However, there’s no confirmation whether Anusha handled the pages on Facebook (FB) on her own or not. 

Are there any recent facts related to Anusha?

There’s interesting news regarding Anusha Damayanthi and a surprise for all her fans. It is hard to say anything about the actress regarding her latest projects and upcoming movies as there isn’t anything mentioned on the internet. 

Also, you won’t find anything special if you check out the newspaper available on the internet in their native language. However, the newspaper was updated recently. 

However, on the content, you will find a few things about the Wedding Photos, which were updated recently on October 27, 2022. Anusha married Amila, which Dark Room Photography covers. 

They tied the knot in traditional Sri Lankan marriage, and she posted one of the pics on her FB page. Her fans are happy and wish them good fortune. 

Is there any information mentioned about the spouse on Anusha’s Wikipedia page?

Unfortunately, the actress’s Wikipedia page is not updated with the latest wedding information, and no information about Anusha Damayanthi’s partner is mentioned. The photos of their wedding were published in the Sri Lankan newspaper and will soon be updated on Anusha Damayanthi Wikipedia.


Is there any information mentioned about the spouse on Anusha's Wikipedia page

Anusha Damayanthi’s personal life

Full Name Anusha Damayanthi
Age 44
Date of Birth February 11, 1978
Place of Birth Colombo, Sri Lanka
Occupation Actress, Dancer
Nationality Sri Lankan
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Education qualification Graduate
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Real Name Pussallage Anusha Dmayanthi Gunathilake
Relationship Status Married
Years active in working 1996-present

However, some of the information needs to be updated. Once we get the information related to the actress, we will update the article for our readers so that they can get genuine information only. 

Are the marriage pictures of Anusha being real?

According to the news and other headlines, Anusha Dayamanthi and Amila are indeed married, and the pictures go viral on the social media platform and the local newspaper. Her fans are happy with her decision as they express their joy in the comments on her FB page.

Anusha Dayamanthi’s net worth

Anusha Dayamanthi is the most famous Sri Lankan actress who has worked on different projects for a long time. Therefore, her net worth is around $1.5 million. The number is not revealed, and the above number is mentioned as per the Anusha Damayanthi Wikipedia page.

Are there any other couples who married recently?

2022 is a year of wedding celebrations as many film stars from industries like Bollywood, Tollywood and Kannada are married. Some popular names who married in 2022 are Farhan Akhtar, Mohit Raina, Vikrant Massey and Ranbir Kapoor. 

The list goes on as you can check on the internet and also check out their wedding snaps.

Final words

You can read the information about the famous actress of Sri Lanka, Anusha Damayanthi. We hope you found the article informative regarding Anusha’s latest trending wedding pictures and her professional life. 

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Anusha Damayanthi WikipediaFAQs

Q1. What is Anusha Damayanthi’s original name?

A: The real name of Anusha Damayanthi is Pussallage Anusha Damayanthi Gunathilake.

Q2. in which reality show she participated?

A: She participated in Dance Stars Dance and won it too.

Q3. Is Anusha married?

A: Yes, she married recently. 

Q4. What is Anusha’s Net Worth? 

A: Her net worth is around $1.5 million.

Q5. What is Anusha Damayanthi’s nationality?

A: Her nationality is Sri Lankan.

Q6. What’s the name of her spouse?

A: Her spouse’s name is Amila.

Q7. What’s her FB page name?

A: Her FB page name is Anusha Damayanthi

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