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[Full Watch Video] Antique Bus Accident Dash Cam: Details Of Cctv, Ceres Bus!

The briefly explained write-up will take people through the Antique Bus Accident Dash cam and what was recorded in the Ceres Cctv.

How many people died in the Antique bus accident? The accident of the bus has already reached millions of people around the Philippines and all around the globe. Netizens were shocked to hear the news and wanted to know how this tragedy happened.

If you have a lot in mind and want the answer, keep up with this article about Antique Bus Accident Dash cam

Which Antique Bus Accident Dash cam is going viral?

People are watching some videos on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook that claim that the video posted is of the recent Bus accident in Antique. Still, it was posted on the internet to misguide the readers.

After deeply checking the sources, we advised people not to believe the video as it is from the 2019 bus accident and not the 2023 bus accident. No official sources have released the Dash Cam video of the antique bus accident from 2023.

Which Antique Bus Accident Dash cam is going viral

What was the reason behind the Ceres Bus Accident in Antique 2023?

On 5 December 2023, a Ceres Bus with 28 passengers was going to Antique from Iloilo City when this mishap happened. The bus with all the passengers fell down the 60-foot cliff. The spot where the bus fell is known as the Killer Curse.

When police officers and an ambulance arrived on the accident scene, 18 people died on the spot, and others were taken to different Iloilo hospitals. After thoroughly checking the bus, one more passenger was found dead, which raised the list to 19.

What was the reason behind the Ceres Bus Accident in Antique 2023

Did police get the Antique Bus Accident Cctv footage?

The accident is under investigation, and police officials have already got the memory card and Dashcam from the Ceres bus. Cardio, the governor of Antique, said they have to investigate every angle of the accident and want to obtain the root cause. The Antique officers are also taking assistance from the National Bureau of Investigation.

But Jane, a media officer, revealed that Dash cannot work anymore. Insiders have compromised with the memory card, which has vital and informational data about the tragic accident.

Did police get the Antique Bus Accident Cctv footage

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Victims of the Ceres Bus Accident in Antique

The list of victims who lost their lives to tragic bus accidents were

  • Bus conductor Wilmar Marcelino, Serios, Fandagani, and inspector Jevy Burdago.
  • Two foreigners named Patrick Mosumi from Kenya, a missionary worker, and Federica Sing from India.
  • Other people who lost their lives were Jim Andrie Secondes, Zairon Alcala, Jomarie Alcala, Wilbur de Llava, Nelson Espina, Tom Elizaga, Janine Marquez, Fritzie Javellana, Francis John Vuelga, Ramon Salvani.

Other passengers who lost their lives are not identified yet. Officers will soon release a list when all the passengers are identified.

Antique Bus Accident Cctv Important points

  • All the online videos that claim to be Antique Bus Accident CCTV footage are from somewhere other than 2023.
  • The local Rescue team took 11 hours to retrieve all the victims and survivors.
  • A bystander said the Antique bus tried to overtake another vehicle, and in the process, the bus fell from the cliff.
  • In 2018, a total of 3 accidents happened at the same place, and 30 lives were lost.
  • Roderick said that the area is a black spot for Vehicles 

Financial assistance to victims of Ceres Bus Accident in Antique 

Cadiao stated that all the passengers who lost their lives in this tragic accident would be given financial aid, and the families of passengers would get P20,000. The Social Welfare and Development department has also asked for another P10,000 for each victim’s family.

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A total of 19 people lost their lives because of the Bus accident. The investigation is still ongoing to properly understand the reason behind this mishap.

Do you think the Antique government could have stopped this Ceres Bus Accident in Antique by taking some safety measures when the past accidents happened at the same spot? Let us know your take on this accident in the comments below.

Disclaimer- The write-up does not promote any vehicle casualties. This article only intends to provide the information without spreading any misleading information. All the information present in the write-up is available on the internet and on the social media platforms.

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