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Antioch Carnival Ride Accident: How Antioch Illinois Carnival Ride Accident Happened? Read All Details Now!

Scrolling down the post, you will find details about the recently viral tragic incident of the Antioch Carnival Ride Accident.

Have you heard the news about the tragic accident during the carnival ride? Do you know the accident details? If not, we will provide the necessary information to learn more about the incident. Carnival rides are considered fun but can be deadly if not ridden cautiously. The same has happened to a young boy in the United States and is trending online. 

In this post, readers will learn about the recent controversial issue of the Antioch Carnival Ride Accident and other related details. Stay tuned for further updates.


Disclaimer: This post is only for informative purposes and is based on internet research. We do not support any violent acts through this post. 

How did the Carnival Accident in Antioch happen? 

A tragic incident occurred during Sunday afternoon on 16th July 2023 at the Taste of Summer festival in Antioch as a 10-year-old boy was thrown off from a ride in the carnival. The police crew arrived at the scene after receiving the report at 2:40 pm and found the child in a serious condition. 

The boy was immediately airlifted to the local hospital after Antioch, Illinois Carnival Ride Accident and later transferred to the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital. Huntley underwent surgery on Monday morning there. Know more through the external links attached below. 

What was the impact of the fall on the boy? 

The boy is identified as Huntley Daniels. The child reportedly suffers from broken arms, ribs, a cracked skull, a broken jaw, a broken femur etc. There is no proper information about his health, but he is still in critical condition. Huntley’s family members are heartbroken and saddened by the unexpected turn of events through the Antioch Carnival Ride Accident. 

What is the Antioch Mayor’s take on the incident? 

Antioch Mayor Scott Gartner ordered the rides to shut down after the accident. The Mayor further stated that he is monitoring the situation to ensure this kind of incident never happens again. His thoughts and prayers are with the child and his family, and he will make sure the child is okay. 

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Final Words 

An investigation is going on regarding the whole ordeal to determine the reason behind such an extreme accident

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Antioch Carnival Ride Accident: FAQs

Q1. What is the recent report of the Antioch Carnival accident? 

According to the sources, a little boy fell off the ride in the Antioch carnival and is in critical condition. 

Q2. When did the incident take place? 

This incident occurred on 16th July 2023, Sunday afternoon. 

Q3. What are the witness’s statements over the incident? 

Many other witnesses have expressed concern over the rides’ safety having experienced similar incidents several times. 

Q4. Which department is responsible for the safety of the ride in the carnival? 

The Illinois labor department is responsible for the ride’s safety and is currently under investigation for Antioch Carnival Ride Accident.

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