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Anthony Taylor Dillon Danis: Check The Trending Update on Twitter For Boxing & Know Mma Record, Height & Age!

The article highlights the fight between Anthony Taylor Dillon Danis and describes the events that led to their massive fight in the Misfits Boxing event.

Have you heard of the recent boxing fight between Anthony Taylor and Dillion Danis? People Worldwide are looking over to get more details of what exactly happened at the spot that broke such a huge fight and anger.

The Bellator fighter got into a fight on Friday during the Misfits Boxing weigh-ins. Read the article to get detailed information on Anthony Taylor Dillon Danis fight.


Disclaimer: We do not support any violence and the information provided here is extracted from authentic sources.

What happened in Dillion Danis- Anthony Taylor’s fight?


What happened in Dillion Danis- Anthony Taylor's fight

On Friday, just before the match, the Bellator fighter Dillion Danis and boxer KSI came face to face and began shouting at each other. The crowd was unsure of what was happening between the two. Danis asked the KSI boxer if he wanted to get knocked out, while the former replied by saying that he could easily defeat him.

Is the video circulated on Twitter?

The video of both players went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. The crowd tried calming the players, but they were not in the mood to listen to anyone of them and started throwing punches at each other. 

In another video, Anthony Taylor confronted Danis, and landed a punch right on Danis’s face, leading to another huge fight.

What is the Height of the players?

Anthony Taylor is 1.7 metres tall, while Dillion Danis is 1,83 metres tall. Both are well-known players, and now, the recent fight between them has become a hot discussion among people.

Unusually, such fights happen twice within a short period. The players knew no bounds and started throwing punches at one another.

Age of the players

Anthony Taylor is 33 years old and was born on June 23, 1989. On the other hand, Dillion Danis is only 29 years of age and was born on August 22, 1993. Both players are known for their great matches and commendable records. 

After the fight between the players, the members of both teams clashed with one another but were soon separated.

What is the MMA Record of the players?

The former Bellator fighter turned boxer has a record of (7-5-0) representing win, loss, and draw. His current winning streak is 5. Dillion Danis’s record is 2-0-0, and his current win streak is 2. The players have performed considerably well in the matches and are famous among their fans. The stats have been mentioned after looking at their recent Boxing career. 

Social media links

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The matter has been settled for now, but we have yet to learn about the repercussions the players will face for violating the norms. The fighting video of the players is circulated on all platforms. What do you think of the fight? Comment below.

Anthony Taylor Dillon Danis-FAQs

Q1. Who is Anthony Taylor?

Former Bellator fighter turned boxer.

Q2. Who is Dillion Danis?

Present Bellator fighter

Q3. With whom did Danis fight first?

Boxer KSI.

Q4. When did this incident take place?

On Friday, November 18, 2022.

Q5. Are the players banned?

No information has been provided.

Q6. What is the net worth of Danis?

$3 million.

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