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Anthony Polito Linkedin And Professor: Details On UNLV Shooter, Las Vegas, Georgia, And Reddit

We bring exclusive facts about UNLV Shooter Anthony Polito LinkedIn And Professor, Las Vegas, Georgia, and Reddit to learn more about the gunman.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department urged anyone with information or video related to the shooting to contact detectives at (702) 828-3521 or Crimestoppers at (702) 385-5555 or by email at People from the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom were shocked to hear about UNLV Shooter Anthony Polito LinkedIn And Professor, Las Vegas, Georgia, and Reddit.

About Anthony Polito LinkedIn And Professor:

Anthony P. Polito, a 67-year-old semi-retired professor, was identified as the gunman responsible for killing three victims at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Two victims, ChaJan Chang and Patricia Navarro Velez, were killed. 

About Anthony Polito LinkedIn And Professor

Three other patients involved in the shooting have been released from the hospital. One patient is in critical condition, but according to the last update, he is recovering stably.

Anthony Polito Reddit:

While the police are determining the motive behind the shooting, 79 posts were available on Reddit, with several of them taken down! One post highlighted the topic – Polito had 15 pages of Zodiac Killer Theory On his Website That listed Powerful Organizations Bent on Global Domination! The police initially stated that they wouldn’t reveal his identity until they spoke with his family. 

Anthony Polito Georgia:

Polito’s LinkedIn account was taken down immediately. The profile page of Polito –, was also taken down. On, students rated him positively but stated that he heavily focused on personal anecdotes with an unconventional and unorthodox teaching style. It was common for Polito, as a professor and educator, to publish articles on several educational and knowledge-based websites. Most of his write-ups were about law, and they were also shared on Twitter. 

Clues about UNLV Shooter Anthony Polito:

It was identified that his website published several conspiracy theories, including the Zodiac killer, the Trilateral Commission, The Rothchild (sic) Family, antisemitic conspiracy theories, Great Minds of the Twentieth Century, Etc.

Polito visited a post office in Henderson and sent 22 letters to university personnel nationwide. The envelopes had no return address; some contained white powder, later determined harmless. The police department advised caution for those in education receiving letters with no return address. 

About Anthony Polito Georgia:

Polito, a 67-year-old career college professor, had financial struggles and was denied jobs at Nevada higher education institutions. Polito received a PhD in 2002 from the university’s business college. He worked in Georgia and North Carolina and was a business professor at East Carolina University from 2001 to 2017. From 2018 to 2022, he worked at Roseman University in Henderson, teaching two courses and claiming Mensa membership.

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UNLV Shooter Anthony Polito motive:

During a search of Polito’s apartment, an eviction notice and a document resembling a last will and testament were found. Computers, hard drive components, and matching ammunition were found at Polito’s home. 

Polito legally purchased the Taurus PT92 pistol used in the shooting 18 months ago in Las Vegas. He brought 11 magazines to the scene, with nine loaded on him during the incident. The number of rounds fired remains unknown, as does the sequence of events. No interior cameras were present, and authorities are piecing together details.

Anthony Polito Reddit and website posts:

Polito’s website, with links related to his interests, included syllabuses for past courses. He often started classes with Las Vegas stories and made over two dozen trips to the city. Polito’s operations class teacher, Peralta, noted his captivating teaching style but mentioned that some students found it too personal. 

Anthony Polito Reddit and website posts

UNLV canceled classes through Sunday, and the operating plans for the following week are under consideration.

Anthony Polito Las Vegas shooting and ban on assault-style weapons:

President Joe Biden expressed condolences for the Las Vegas shooting and a killing spree in Texas. He urged Republicans to collaborate with Democrats to pass a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. 

On 6th/December/2023, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer forwarded the motion to ban assault-style weapons.

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The situation at UNLV was scary at the time of Anthony Polito Las Vegas shooting at Beam Hall. The classes were stopped abruptly, and the professors asked the students to run. No one knew what the sound was about (bullets). People were evacuated with their hands-up. Netizens and social media users speculate that the motive behind the shooting is something related to conspiracy theories posted by Polito.

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