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Ant Ranch Scam: Is This Site Legit? Check Full Details On Reviews, And Company

Know about the ongoing Ant Ranch Scam. Also, know about Ant Ranch Company, Is Ant Ranch Legit, and its Reviews.

Ant Ranch Scam

Do you know about Ant Ranch company? Are you aware of this scam? Ant Ranch Scam is a scam about which several people around the world are curious to know. Many people have complained about the Ant Ranch website. This website is an investment platform that promises good returns. In this article we will discuss everything about the Ant Ranch Website and whether it’s a scam or not. 

What is Ant Ranch Scam?

Ant Ranch Scam is a popular scam going on in several countries. Ant Ranch is a platform that operates in various countries like South Africa, China, and Turkey. The platform is an investing platform that promises investors to get a higher return on their investment. The scam was detected by several people from South Africa as per the online websites. The Anti Ranch Company platform promises to return good margins daily but that’s not true.

As per many investors, the platform does not return even half of your investment. Once you invest in this platform, your all funds will be lost. So is the Ant Ranch Scam that is going on in many countries.

Is Ant Ranch Legit? 

Registration date: The website was registered on 18 August 2023.

Trust score: The trust score of the Ant Ranch Website is 47.5. 

Phishing score: The phishing score of the Ant Ranch website is 16/100.

Spam Score: The Ant Ranch website has received a spam score of 1 out of 100.

Malware Score: The Ant Ranch Website has a Malware Score of 32/100.

Data security: The https connection of this website is not found. 

Is Ant Ranch Legit? We know this question is not that clear yet but here you will know the exact answer. The Ant Ranch website is not working anymore. The website is not opening due to some unknown reason. On opening this website, “This site Can’t be reached” is displayed. There are various websites of the same platform such as,, etc. Both these websites are not working. 

Antranch Reviews

Several people have reviewed this website as it has defrauded many people. The online review website has given Any Ranch a rating of 2.6. The platform has received many reviews from customers. Some users have stated that this scam is a Ponzi Scam. The reviews are very negative and people have shared their experiences on how they got defrauded. One user has invested all his savings of $11k after investing on this platform. The social media accounts of these platforms are also unavailable. As per some online reviewing websites, Ant Ranch Company seems a big scam.  Know more details on Creditcard Scamming.

Social Media Links

No social Media Links and accounts are found.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, the trust rate of the Ant Ranch website is average. The scam has defrauded many people from different countries. The reviews of this platform are negative which states that the scam is real. This website is fake and you will lose your investment by investing on this platform as per the reviews. There are many websites on this platform so don’t get confused. Know more details on Paypal Scamming.

What are your thoughts on Antranch Reviews? Comment your views in the reply box.

Disclaimer: There is more than one website on this platform and both of them are not working now. So be careful with such scams.

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