Anon Inu Coin Price 2021.

Anon Inu Coin Price (July 2021) Prediction, How To Buy?

Anon Inu Coin Price (July 2021) Prediction, How To Buy? >> The news shares relevant details about a newly launched crypto and the process to buy it without hassle.

Do you always search for the news of new crypto in the market? Here is the Anon Inu token that has recently been launched in the market of crypto currencies. 

The investors of the United States and other countries are extremely curious to know more detail about this coin.

Here is the news based on Anon Inu Coin Price that will guide the crypto investors to start a deal with it.

What is Anon Inu Coin?

Anon Inu has launched recently, and investors are eligible to buy it since 8th July 2021. The news relating to the launch of this coin was already got viral on factious social media platforms. 

The Anon Inu aims to make his holder always delighted. It is a Defi token, and it performs mainly three tasks.

  • Manual burns
  • Make necessary addition to the liquidity
  • Make proper distribution to the holders of Anon Inu coin. 

Anon Inu coin Price chart

Every investor of the Anon Inu token must need to check the present price of this coin.

  • The total supply is 509,999,543,040,938
  • The market cap of Anon inu coin is $2,323,288,502,339
  • The present price of the coin is $0.004494 per token
  • Price for 5313 token is $24.14
  • Number of holders are 4711
  • Contract address is 0x9425315fea3412fd4a0afbfb69b99d8312dc749a
  • Total transfer is 15126

Founders of Anon Inu token

Crypto dealers are always interested to know about the founder before they take a note on Anon Inu Coin Price.

The contract developer of this coin is Harshil Jain, one of the most dedicated blockchain developers. He is also well-known for designing UI applications and making proper use of user data. 

How to buy an Anon Inu token?

To know the buying process of Anon Inu crypto, investors can go through the official website to get reliable details. Let us check the process to buy Anon Inu crypto. 

  • At first, the investors need to visit the DApss.
  • Then, they need to connect version 2 of PancakeSwap. 
  • Here you will get the Buy Now option and click on it.
  • Here you need to select the currency and check Anon Inu Coin Price. You already have the contract address of Anon Inu, and you need to put that address here.
  • Now check the transaction setting and fix the slippage between 12% to 18%. 
  • Net you need to swap and put the token amount that you want to purchase. 
  • Once you confirm it, your transaction is done. 
  • The buying transaction fee is 5% each to holders and LP of the total supply.

Prediction of Anon Inu coin

Anon Inu is a newly launched token. Investors have started dealing with Anon Inu on 8th July 2021. Hence, experts find it too early to make any prediction of it. 

Faqs on Anon Inu Coin Price

Q- When did Anon Inu launch?

A- Anon Inu launched on 8th July 2021.

Q- How many transactions does this coin have to date?

A- To date, the coin has 15356 transactions

Q- What is the total number of holders of Anon Inu?

A- At present, it has 4781 holders. 

Final verdict

We have done thorough research about the Anon Inu token and feel that investors also need to do research on this token before they start a deal. Crypto dealers can check here to know price details of Anon Inu 

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