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Have you used the scar filter on TikTok just to look like the popular scar girl? Do you know who the scar girl is? She is Anni Bonelli who is the most popular girl on TikTok in Germany and Italy. Recently, Anni TikTok Video has been surfacing all around the world and people want to know her true identity and the story behind the scar on her face. We request you to read this post till the last and know about Anni Bonelli. 


TikTok Viral Video of Anni Bonelli! 

According to online sources, a video of a lady went viral in 2021. The video of this girl went viral within a few days due to her unique characteristic. She had a scar on her face due to which many people got attracted to her and want to know if the scar is real or fake. She had even disclosed the story behind the scar. 

Viral On Reddit: Anni Bonelli

Anni Bonelli is a popular TikTok star who is not famous for her looks and the content she makes, but also due to some extraordinary features that make her more beautiful. In 2021, one of her videos went viral. The girl had a scar on one side of her face. Many people responded to the video and some said that the scar is fake while others shared positive comments. Following her video, many people started making videos after making a mark on their faces with lip shade. 

Story Of Scar Girl On Instagram

As per online sources, Anni Bonelli became a popular personality after her video went viral. Her scar makes her more beautiful and this is the reason behind her popularity. Some sources revealed that she had a bruise on her face due to an accident in 2020. Her scar became permanent. She used to hide her scar initially as it made her feel uncomfortable. Later, she started loving her scar as she thinks that it makes her more beautiful. 

DISCLAIMER: The facts are derived from online sources. The audience can rely on these facts. Some facts are still not clear online. We will update once everything is disclosed on Anni. 

This Twitter and TikTok star had been trending due to the scar on her face. Earlier she used to be unconfident due to this scar. But, she started a trend on TikTok and many users started liking and loving her scar which is real. This had become a trend later and everyone started following her. Some people used to troll her, but she said that she also received a lot of positivity on Youtube and other channels.


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Anni Video Fsk: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Anni Bonelli? 

Ans. As per online sources, Anni Bonelli is a popular TikTok star. 

Q2. What makes her more beautiful than others? 

Ans. People love her for the scar she had on her face and this makes her more beautiful. 

Q3. When was her first Tiktok video went viral? 

Ans. Her first video went viral on March 18, 2021. 

Q4. How did she have an injury on her face? 

Ans. Telegram and other sources revealed that she met with an accident and had a bruise on her face that remained permanent.

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