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Anne Lesley Smith Rupert Murdoch: Who Is He Marrying? What Are His & His Girl Friend’s Age? Reveal Details Now!

In this article, you will be able to get all the trending details for Anne Lesley Smith Rupert Murdoch relationship.

Who is Anne Lesley? Is Rupert Murdoch going to marry for the 5th time? What is the marriage controversy between Anne and Rupert? The famous business tycoon and the owner of multiple popular news channels in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States are getting married.

People are shocked by hearing the surprising decision of 92-year-old Rupert Murdoch in his New York Post. People are making different conclusions and assumptions regarding marriage. If you want to know Anne Lesley Smith Rupert Murdoch, read more.


Sensational Report

Rupert Murdoch, the owner of multiple top brands and news channels, wants to get married at the age of 92. He reveals his engagement with Anne Leslie Smith. She is a former San Francisco police officer, Chaplin.

Despite the decision to marry and disclosure of engagement in September, the main point of attraction is the engagement ring. Rupert proposed to her on Saint Patrick’s day with the Asscher cut diamond ring in New York. However, there is no exact disclosure about the date of marriage, but many rumours verify that they will soon get married.

Who Is Rupert Murdoch Marrying? 

When people got to know that the billionaire was getting a better half who was far younger than him, everyone was surprised and wanted to know the details of the lucky lady. Rupert Cleary mentioned in his post that he would marry young authority staff Anne Lesley Smith. 

Anne initiated her career being a dental hygienist. Later she also showed her interest in Modelling and singing. Like Rupert, her former husband Chester Smith also belongs to the media community. He was a country singer on multiple radio channels and also a TV executive. Additionally, Chester and Anne also had vineyards like Rupert.

Rupert Murdoch New Girlfriend

Rupert met Anne in his vineyard located in Moraga Estate Bel Air, California. Rupert said, “he fell in love with her from the first instance and when he saw her at the vineyard, he got nervous and felt the Breeze of romance.” He also mentioned that it could be his last moments of sharing the love, but he was happy to live this opportunity.

He declares that Anne Lesley is going to be his 5th wife. Before Anne, he was married to model Jerry Hall in 2016. The Former couple got divorced in August 2022.

Anne Lesley Smith Age

One of the most frequently asked social media questions is Anne’s age. Most netizens post various thoughts regarding the Age gap between Anne and Rupert. Anne is 66 years old, while Rupert is 92. People are also questioning what could be the possible reason Anne is getting married to 92-year-old Rupert. 

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Final verdict

The famous business model Rupert Murdoch is finally getting married for the 5th time after 4 diverse divorces and six children. He is about to marry a 66-year-old former police, Chaplain.

Why did Anne agree to marry 92-year-old Rupert? Comment below.

Anne Lesley Smith Rupert Murdoch: FAQs

Q1 What are the popular news channels of Rupert Murdoch? 

NYT, Fox News, The Sun, etc.

Q2 Who is the first wife of Rupert Murdoch?

Patricia Booker in 1956.

Q3 What is the net worth of Rupert Murdoch?

21.7 billion dollars.

Q4 What is Rupert’s Date of Birth?

11 March 1931.

Q5 Who is Rupert Murdoch New Girlfriend?

Anne Lesley Smith. 

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