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Anne Heche Report Autopsy: Know Her Cause Of Death! Checkout Wiki To Know Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More Details!

This article provides information about the Anne Heche Report Autopsy and tells you some facts about her life.

Do you want to know the exact reason for Anne Heche? Every reader from the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and other countries wants to know the results of Anne Heche’s autopsy report. 

In this article, you will learn some details on the Anne Heche Report Autopsy. So, if you are ready to reveal the truth, start reading. 


What does the autopsy report say?

According to the autopsy report, the actress was not intoxicated at the time of her accident which happened on August 5, 2022. It was previously believed that the actress was under the influence of steroids while driving the car.

Anne Heche’s cause of death

She died from a fatal car crash when she crashed her car into a house in Los Angeles. The cause of her death is because of deadly burns and excess smoke inhalation. However, after that when the investigation happened, the police found some traces of cocaine in her car. 

After the blood test, it was also seen that some traces of benzoylecgonine were present in her blood, but it was inactive. Therefore, no evidence says that she was under the influence of steroids. 


Anne Heche's cause of death

About Anne Heche 

Check out the Anne Heche Wiki for detailed information about her life.

Full Name-  Anne Celeste Heche
Date of Birth- May 25, 1969
Age- 53
Birthplace- Aurora, Ohio
Date of Death- August 11, 2022
Profession- Actress, Philanthropist, and Humanitarian
Years Active- 1987-2022
Nationality- American
Religion- Christian
Zodiac Sign- Gemini
Education qualification- Graduate

Has Anne used antidotes before?

There are inactive substances of cocaine found in the blood of Anne at present Age during the accident. Therefore, it was clear at the time that she used steroids in her past life, but at present, she wasn’t under the influence of steroids.

Also, there weren’t any traces of alcohol found in her blood, making everyone think about how she could crash into a house if she weren’t intoxicated. 

What’s Anne Heche’s net worth?

Anne Heche was a famous actress and a known name in the industry. Her Net worth is around $4 million as she worked with many known faces like Johnny Depp in Donnie Brasco and many more. 

She did television shows like Another World, O Pioneers! And many more. 

Anne Heche Funeral 

Her burial date was August 23, 2022, and she will be laid forever alongside the known Hollywood stars in Los Angeles Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The Hollywood Funeral Home organized her final arrangements. 

You can check different articles if you want to know Anne’s information about Height & More.

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Final words 

The demise of the famous actress in a car accident was a shock for everyone. However, with the present autopsy report, the allegations against Anne Heche are cleared, and it is now clear that she didn’t use steroids at the time of driving. 

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Anne Heche Report Autopsy– FAQs

1: Who was Anne Heche?

A: She was a famous actress and known Philanthropist and Humanitarian.

2: What’s the net worth of Anne Heche?

A: Around $4 Million.

3: When did she die?

A: She died on August 11, 2022.

4: Where was she buried?

A: Her burial place is in Los Angeles, i.e., Hollywood Forever Cemetery. 

5: What’s the hometown of Anne Heche?

A: Aurora, Ohio, the United States.

6: What’s the Parents name of Anne Heche?

A: The parents’ names of Anne Heche are Donald Joe Heche and Nancy Heche. 

7: When did the car crash happen?

A: It happened on August 5, 2022.

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