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Anna Paulina Luna Pictures: Who Is Anna Paulina’s Husband? Also Check Her Full Wikipedia Details

This article delivered about Anna Paulina Luna Pictures and self-recorded video during the election. And also exposed her personal life and career.

Who is Anna Paulina Luna? Do you know about her? If not, read the news article until the end to get detailed information about her. Anna Paulina Luna is an American politician and also a United States Air Force veteran. Luna is a Florida GOP Congresswoman. What’s her recent tweet on social media? Luna wrote a tweet and published the self-recorded video. Let us see her current tweet reason and Anna Paulina Luna Pictures in the below section.


About Anna Paulina Luna post

Anna Paulina Luna is an American politician. She belongs to the Congress party of Florida GOP. On Thursday morning, Anna Paulina Luna was one of about 20 Republicans who voted against electing the speaker instead of Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

Anna Paulina Luna was elected.She mentioned when you are a lady who stands up.Anna Paulina Luna Pictures and a self-recorded video posted against his speech on Twitter.

Anna Paulina Luna – Republican Party

Anna Paulina Luna is a Republican Party. She won and was elected in the general election on 8th November 2022. Anna Paulina Luna is a U.S. House member of the 13th Congressional District in Florida. She was supposed to be in the office on 3rd January 2023. And her term ends on 3rd January 2025.


Anna Paulina Luna was born on 6th May 1989 in Orange, California. She is a daughter of Mexican descent women and a German heritage man. Please continue reading to know her Background details and more.

In the year 2020, Tampa Bay Times profile recorded that Luna frequently changed schools.

At the age of 19, Luna joined in U.S. Air force and served from 2009 to 2018. She worked as an airfield manager in Florida and Missouri. In 2017 she received a Bachelor of Science degree from West Florida University. 

Luna’s Wikipedia 

Luna worked in various fields. She was an entrepreneur. And she also performed as a Hispanic engagement for the Turning Point USA director. She was a podcast host with Gingrich 360. 


Luna's Wikipedia 

Her career not only stopped with that. She is a chairwoman of the Hispanic initiative for PragerU. She also published author with Posthill Press. Luna has been related to Operation Underground Railroad, Veterans for Child Rescue, and Force Blue.

During Luna’s Air force career, she received an Air Force Achievement Medal, and with honor, Luna was discharged in 2014.

Anna Paulina Luna – Husband

Luna is married to Andrew “Andy” Gamberzky. He was a U.S. Air Force combat controller. Gamberzky was wounded while serving in Afghan country. 

After that, she changed her surname to Luna. She changed to represent her Hispanic heritage. Luna’s father lived with Luna’s family, and he died on January 2022 in a car accident.

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As we conclude, Anna Paulina Luna is a Republican party and the 13th Congressional District U.S. House member in Florida. Get Luna’s video in the YouTube link.

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Anna Paulina Luna Pictures: FAQ

Q1. Who is Anna Paulina Luna?

Anna Paulina Luna is an American Politician.

Q2. Where was Luna worked?

She worked in Air Force.

Q3. Who is her life partner?

Andrew “Andy” Gamberzky.

Q4. Where was Luna born?


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