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Anisa Onic Viral Video: Is It Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Telegram? Check Youtube & Twitter Links Now!

Today’s article on Anisa Onic Viral Video clarify your doubts about the recent controversies of Anisa Rahim.

Do you know who Anisa Rahim is? Do you know why Anisa Rahim has become the center of attraction recently? Recently, a video of Anisa Rahim, a brand ambassador of ONIC, went viral on social media platforms. The video created a lot of controversy among the citizens of the Philippines and other countries.

The video of Anisa Rahim that went viral on the internet received a lot of criticism from her fans and followers. As many of you haven’t watched the Anisa Onic Viral Video yet, that’s why we request you to go through the entire article. 


Disclaimer: We do not promote fake news and explicit content. We have gathered all the information from authentic and genuine sources.

Which video of Anisa Rahim made her the topic of controversy?

As a brand ambassador of the Indonesian esports team ONIC, Anisa Rahim needs to promote the organization. Recently, the video of Anisa Rahim that went viral on social media platforms showcases the dance of Anisa in a bikini. 

After watching the video that went Viral On Reddit and other social media platforms, many people think that as a brand ambassador, Anisa Rahim should not wear a bikini and dance to provoke the audience. Dancing in a bikini can easily affect the reputation of the organization. 

Where can we find the video?

You can find the video on Reddit. As many people shared the video on the internet, you can find it. If you are a Twitter user, you can also find it there. But be careful while opening any suspicious links. Many scammers are also using Reddit and Twitter. So, do not click on any suspicious video links. It might affect your device. 

Who is Anisa Rahim?

Anisa Rahim is a casual gamer who likes to play Valorant, pubgm, pubg, Mobile Legends, and many more. She is also a brand ambassador of ONIC esports. Anisa Rahim also has a Youtube channel, where she posts gaming videos, daily vlogs, and many more. 

What did Anisa Rahim say about this topic?

Anisa Rahim has not said anything officially about this topic yet. It seems like she is ignoring all the controversies. Two days ago, Anisa posted her new Youtube video. She didn’t say anything about this topic in her video. 

Is Anisa Rahim active on Instagram?

Yes, Anisa Rahim is active on Instagram. She has more than 504k followers on her official Instagram account. She posted on Instagram three days ago. Anisa Rahim is quite active on social media platforms. You can check our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see the recent posts of Anisa Rahim on Instagram. You can also follow her on Tiktok

What did ordinary people comment on Anisa Rahim’s controversial video?

The video received both positive and negative responses from ordinary people and Anisa Rahim’s fans and followers. When some people said bad things about Anisa, many people supported her. 

Most of Anisa Rahim’s fans and followers supported her by saying that it was her life and her choice to do whatever she wanted. But after watching the Anisa Onic Viral Video, some people said that it was not appropriate to wear a bikini and dance provocatively. But many of them also appreciated Anisa Rahim for being herself. 

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The Closing Thoughts:

There is no more information available on this viral video. But as soon as we get any further details, we will get back to you. And those who have not watched the video can search for it on Telegram also. 

Rather than searching for viral video, you can also watch any of Anisa Rahim’s Youtube videos. Click here to watch the recent Youtube video of Anisa Rahim.

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Anisa Onic Viral Video– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Is the viral video of Anisa Rahim full of explicit and sensitive content?

Ans. No.

Q.2 What did Anisa wear in the viral video?

Ans. She wore a bikini.

Q.3 Can kids watch the video?

Ans. Yes, of course. There is nothing inappropriate in the video. 

Q.4 Where to find the video of Anisa Rahim?

Ans. You can find it on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram.

Q.5 How many subscribers does Anisa Rahim have on her Youtube channel?

Ans. More than 71.6k subscribers.

Q.6 Is Anisa Rahim obsessed with games?

Ans. Yes. 

Q.7 Is Anisa Rahim a native of Indonesia?

Ans. Yes.

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