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Angie Smith Accident Video on Telegram: Nhra Motorcycle Crash On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

The Angie Smith Accident Video on Telegram post has the latest update on the Nhra Motorcycle crash that is shared on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube. 

Have you seen the original accident video of NHRA biker racer Angie Smith? The NHRA pro racer suffered a significant injury during the qualifying round for AAA Midwest Nationals on 30 September 2023. 

The accident clip has gone viral on social media as netizens from the United States kept inquiring about Angie’s latest injury status. Angie Smith Accident Video on Telegram has shared the latest details and links on this trending story. 

Is Angie Smith Accident Video on Telegram? 

There are various Telegram channels that use the “Angie accident” title to attract traffic to it. Most channels have not succeeded in attracting visitors as they have fewer subscribers. Some channels on Telegram require the Tera box app to view the accident video of bike racer Angie Smith.  

Angie Smith Nhra Motorcycle Accident:

Angie entered the qualifying round second session in 13th position and improved her ranking to eight. The round that elevated her ranking to eight was completed at 198.93 mph in 6.880 seconds. It was during this round that Angie got cut away from the rest of the racers and her motorcycle, Denso. 

Angie Smith Nhra Motorcycle Accident left racer crew members at the starting line while many remained tense for a few moments. Angie remained conscious after the accident and was rushed to the nearest hospital by the NHRA safety officials. The team’s public relations officer updated her injury status on Saturday evening.

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Angie Smith Nhra Video Reviews:

The Angie accident video has gone viral on various social sites. A forty-seven-second accident clip on a streaming site shows Angie moving at high speed before losing her balance. It shows her speeding in the left lane before sliding and getting separated from her Denso bike. 

Angie Smith Nhra Video further shows her taking several turns while another biker in the right late kept looking at her. Angie’s bike hit the wall in the right lane while she lay in the middle of the right lane. The safety official and medical team soon reached the accident spot and took her to the nearest hospital. 

Angie Smith Video on Reddit:

This social media site has many links related to Angie’s recent motorcycle accident. Some are genuine links shared by the biker fans to get updates on the racer’s current status. A NHRA page on this site was posted two days ago, asking for a recent update on the racer. 

Angie Injury Status Report on Twitter:

Angie Smith fans were shocked after seeing the accident clip and wanted to know the latest update on her. Some biker fans shared her latest status on this platform titled “Moved her to Medical Center.” According to some Twitter posts, Angie has two broken bones and a bad rash from the accident. 

She remained in the hospital on the accident night and planned to meet a skin specialist the next day. The team spokesperson welcomed the fans for all the support and messages.  

Netizens React to Angie’s Youtube Accident video:

Most netizens wished Angie a speedy recovery and wanted her to get well soon. Some fans also shared their own accident story and felt these kinds of accidents are rare, but they do happen. The TikTok videos on this accident have generated the most views for the digital creator.  

It shared the accident story as an update on the incident with a brief on various aspects. The reaction of Cory Reed was also shared on various social media sites. A post on Angie Smith’s Instagram account also shared the latest update on the accident incident. 

Social Media links:


A post shared on Angie’s Facebook account by her media manager, Sadie Glen, suggests that Racer is recovering from her injury at the hospital. The Angie Smith Crash Video circulating on various social sites is legit and shows the exact sequence of events. 

Have you seen the Angie Smith accident original clip? Please comment. 

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