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Anc Crypto Price {May} Check, Price, Prediction & Chart

Are you scrutinizing the updated hints to detect Anc Crypto Price? Then, please follow the underlying sections to find out more clues. 

Do you want to attain a good understanding of trending Terra-based crypto? The employment of crypto coins is blooming Worldwide, allowing the users to grab the maximum profit. 

In addition, as per the reports, choosing perfect cryptocurrencies is one of the most challenging decisions since it requires huge calculative experience. However, this post will shed light on a noted token and the Anc Crypto Price. So, kindly investigate the underlying paragraphs properly. 

About The Crypto 

As per the threads, Anchor is a decentralized medium created on Terra to provide clients with 20% APY or annual percentage yield. In addition, it aims to back individuals by gaining a good return margin upon depositing. However, the platform has a token, ANC, that allows the holders to grab the profitable percentage and the governance rights. 

It is an application created to maintain and improve the usage of Terra-oriented coins like UST. So, kindly continue reading the following paragraphs to know more exclusive hints on this cryptocurrency. 

Who Are The Founders Of Anchor Protocol?

While finding Anc Crypto Price, we noticed that Daniel Shin and Do Kwon were drafted as the founders. Our further research revealed that Mr Daniel and Kwon are the owners of Terraform Labs, which discovered this crypto in March 2021. Now, let us concentrate below for more hints.

Uniqueness Noticed In The Crypto

Upon researching, we encountered that this crypto offers many perks, some of which are evaluated below.

  • A source expressed that ANC utilizes the collateral liquidation method to shield the deposit. Moreover, the plan behind this tactic is to guard the capital by clearing the debts accordingly. 
  • The ANC’s stability method helps to protect the returns from volatility. 

What Is The Anc Crypto Price?

This cryptocurrency costs $0.2227 with a 54.25% up, as per our findings. Therefore, kindly note that the value presented above might fluctuate anytime, so please be updated and research from your end also. 

Let us now proceed ahead and focus on the below passage to detect some additional statistics of the ANC Token. 

Max Supply And Supplementary Details

Our research on the ANC found the following details; therefore, we prefer you to consider all the pointers carefully to estimate their worthiness more accurately. 

  • The 24-hour volume value is $377,331,959.
  • $8.31 is its all-time high value. 
  • $76,103,304 is its market cap value.
  • The Anc Crypto Price survey explained that the token possesses a #334 market rank. 
  • The circulating supply value is 347,840,416.25 ANC.
  • Its max supply value is 1,000,000,000.
  • The all-time low value is $0.05084.
  • The fully diluted cap value is $220,791,328.

How To Purchase ANC Crypto?

Our examination noticed that this token is currently trending over Mandala Exchange, Gate.io, Binance, OKX, and KuCoin. So, you choose any one of the above-stated exchange platforms to trade the tokens after properly realizing the Anc Crypto Price

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Official Site Of This Token?

A1. The visiting URL is https://www.anchorprotocol.com.

Q2. What Are The Suggested ANC Buying Platforms?

A2. The preferable exchange mediums are Gate.io, OKX, KuCoin, Mandala Exchange, and Binance. 

Q3. What is ANC’s Contract Address?

A3. terra14z56l0fp2lsf86zy3hty2z47ezkhnthtr9yq76 is the official contract address. 

The Final Verdict

The write-up explored the required details of the Anchor Protocol or ANC token. Moreover, we discovered that $0.2227 is the Anc Crypto Price. Visit here to collect more hints on this crypto. Learn and understand How To Spot A Bitcoin Scammer here.

Do you find this crypto token useful to trade? Please explain your opinion below. 

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