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Amou Haji Wikipedia 2022: Have a Look for Before And After Bath Images! Know About His Wife & Death! Does He Resides in Iran?

This article provides information on Amou Haji Wikipedia 2022 and tells the readers about Amou Haji’s life and lifestyle.

Do you hear about the demise of the dirtiest person in the world? Recently, Amou Haji, known as the World’s Dirtiest person, died unexpectedly, and Worldwide users want to know the reason behind it. 

If you are looking for genuine information related to the life of Amou Haji and want to know about Amou Haji Wikipedia 2022, then start reading the article. 


How did Amou Haji Die?

Do you believe that a man died after taking a bath? Well, the cause of demise is not disclosed, but it is believed that Amou Haji died because of taking a bath. For almost 50 years, Amou Haji has avoided baths because of the fear of falling sick. 

Many villagers tried to clean him, but Amou Haji always liked to stay dirty, which made him the dirtiest man Worldwide

Let’s see whether he received any funeral or obituary yet or not. 

Amou Haji Death, funeral and obituary 

Amou’s funeral was on Tuesday night, i.e., October 25, 2022, at Farashband City, Fars. The local villagers and his acquaintances attended the funeral. 

No obituary is published by anyone as there’s no relation to Amou Haji because he never married and has no family. Amou Haji lived alone in a small house made by Irian villagers. The Reddit platform doesn’t support the discussion on his demise because of their guidelines. 

Amou Haji Personal Life 

We know he belongs to Iran but let’s find out some personal information about him to understand him and see who’s in his family. 

Full Name Amou Haji
Nickname Amou
Date of Birth August 20, 1933
Age 89
Family No information is mentioned related to the father and mother
Marital Status Not Married
Religion Islam
Birth Place Kahrar-e Dejgah, Kermanshah
Nationality Irian
Place of Passing Away Kahrar-e Dejgah, Kermanshah

Is there any picture of Amou Haji after a bath?

Many images on the internet claim that Amou Haji Before And After Bath, means in a clean form, but there isn’t any solid proof. The readers will find the clear and clean pictures on the internet, but there’s no guarantee they are legit. 

Final Words 

Amou Haji has been rewarded with the title as the World’s Dirtiest Man. He lived his life all alone and never married. If you want to know about his lifestyle, you can check out the documentary ‘The Strange Life of Amou Haji’.

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Amou Haji Wife: FAQs

Q1. What is the real name of Amou Haji?

A: No one knows the real name of Amou Haji.

Q2. Who will take the World’s Dirtiest Man after Amou?

A: According to the sources, Kailash Singh takes up the mantle. 

Q3. Is there any family member left from Amou’s side?

A: No information is mentioned related to the family of Amou Haji.

Q4. Where does Amou Haji live?

A: He resides at Dezhgah Village.

Q5. What’s the nickname of Amou Haji?

A: The local people call him Uncle Haji.

Q6. Who is Amou Haji’s Wife?

A: He wasn’t married. 

Q7. Since when Amou Haji didn’t take a bath?

A: Amou Haji didn’t take a bath for over 50 years.

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