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American Benefits Program Scam: Is It Real Or Legit? Check Full Details Here

Want to learn about American Benefits Program scam? Do you wish to know whether these programs are real and legit? 

Are you the person who keeps getting calls from insurance agents? Do you know the strategies to identify the scam insurance calls and the real ones? In this article, we will explain a real-life example of an American Benefits Program Scam, how they are looting the money from United States senior citizens, and the methodologies to guard ourselves against scams like this.

About the American Benefits Program Scam

In the USA, many organisations and schemes are available to help senior citizens lead a perfect life. Among those, American Senior Benefits is an organisation that has been rendering its health, medical insurance, and monetary policies to senior citizens genuinely and it has become one of the most trusted organizations. Upon knowing this, scammers are utilising their fame by modifying their name to “American benefits” and targeting innocent citizens for looting their money or personal details.

Is the American Benefits Program Real?

There is indeed an organization named “American Senior Benefits,” and they are responsible for providing beneficial services to senior citizens. But there is no program in the name of “American benefits.” This American benefit is a scam telemarketing program that calls people to issue fake insurance, medical care services, medical equipment, etc., at discounted prices. 

Most of their numbers are from India, the Philippines, etc. Thus, the answer to whether American Benefits Program Real is absolutely no. Some scam groups name themselves “American Benefits.” As both of their names sound similar, many fall victim to scammers by providing their bank details, enrolling in bogus insurance schemes, etc.

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Is the American Benefits Program Legit?

The “American Senior Benefits” scheme is legit, whereas the American Benefits Program is a mere telemarketing scam. The real benefits program helps senior citizens with their insurance and coverage in regard to health, wealth, and medical needs. They employ a professional advisor, and they will plan the scope and plans according to the income of the senior citizens. Hence, they genuinely do everything, and USA citizens might get doubts like, Is the American Benefits Program Legit? There is no need to worry about it; the American Senior Benefits Programme is there for real.

How can one protect oneself from the American benefits scam?

  • In the United States of America, there is a portal called the “National Do Not Call Registry.” If we register our number in that portal, we won’t receive any scams or telemarketing calls. Even three numbers can be added per person.
  • If not, users can install apps like robocall, hiya, or truecaller to block the scam numbers.
  • American Benefits Program Scam numbers are mostly from different countries. Hence, one can easily detect the origin of the number.
  • By chance, if anyone encounters scam calls, they raise a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.
  • It is always advisable to keep personal information private from a telemarketer. The real and original telemarketers won’t ask for her private details via phone.


Hence, in this article, we have completely discussed the scam and answered the queries on whether the American Benefits Program Real or not. In this digital world, scams can happen even with a simple call, which leads to the loss of millions of dollars. Therefore, it is important to stay vigilant against all these calls and messages that we receive on our mobile phones. Read details about American Benefits Calls, here.

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Disclaimer: This article explains an on-going scam, and we want our readers not to fall into the scammer trap.

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