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Ama Official Trending Video: Explore What Is In The Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter

This article on AMA Official Trending Video will guide the viewers on the trending news of Ama and Asantewaa. Kindly go through it.

Are you aware of the trending update on Ama? This popular Tiktoker has been in the news and many netizens are trolling her after AMA Official Trending Video is reaching people in Ghana, Nigeria, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other regions. Asantewaa and her brother are also trending along with Ama. In this article, we will discuss the trending news on Ama, Asantewaa, and her brother. 


Trending Video Of Ama! 

According to an online source, a fight between two different Tiktok stars is trending on social media. Ama and Asantewaa are two Ghanaian TikTokers. The reports showed that Asantewaa along with her brother had leaked the viral video of Ama on the social media channel. In the video, Ama can be seen in an intimate position. This fueled the fire among the influencers. Kindly check more details ahead.

Viral On Reddit: Ama and Asantewaa Update! 

As per online sources, a feud between two popular Ghanaian TikTokers has been trending on social media. Ama has blamed Asantewaa and her brother for leaking the private and explicit video of her. In the footage, one can see Ama in a compromising position. The short clip was shared on Snapchat first, later it went viral on multiple social media platforms. People may have screen recorded the video before it was deleted and then posted it on Instagram and other online platforms.

This broke the controversy between the two. However, Ama did not let things go easily and criticized Asantewaa for what she has done.

DISCLAIMER: We have not posted the link to the viral and explicit video of Ama because it is against our terms and conditions. We do not intervene in anyone’s personal life. You may seek the details on the video from other online sites.

Is the video of Ama still available? 

Now, the video is not easily available on Twitter and other social media platforms as the video might be removed due to the privacy policies of the site. So, you may need to research a lot to get this viral video.


Summarising this post here, we have provided all the informative facts on the Ama and Asantewaa here. The video has not been shared due to privacy policy. 

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Telegram Updates On Ama: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Ama? 

Ans. According to online sources, Ama is a Tiktoker who gained popularity during the pandemic. She is a Ghanaian woman.

Q2. Who is the latest controversy on the lady? 

Ans. As per online sources, an influencer, Asantewaa, and her brother leaked the explicit or uncensored video of Ama. 

Q3. Where is the video available? 

Ans. This video requires in-depth research as it was earlier available on Youtube and other online sites.

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