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Altura Crypto Coin {Nov} Token Price, Chart, How To Buy?

The article on Altura Crypto Coin discusses the NFT based Cryptocurrency in the market. Read the article to understand this topic better.

Do investing in Cryptocurrency a good option? What is the difference between NFT and Cryptocurrency? Is Altura coin an NFT or Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is the new trend in today’s world. We all know that bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency that came up with the idea of digital currency. But now, there are many cryptocurrencies available in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States

There are various coins available in the market, but people don’t know about them, for example, Altura Crypto Coin and many more.

What is Altura NFT?

Altura NFT is a blockchain platform that provides a secure and transparent way to digitize the assets or work of the creator. Content creators can ensure that their rightful users have authorized what they create and is not being tampered with, including illegal distribution and plagiarism. 

It is also a way to distribute value among creators and to create a network of value. Altura NFT is a platform of a new kind, with a unique, integrated system that is designed to provide an original approach to content creation and distribution.

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What is the price of Altura Coin?

The price of the Altura token as of today is $ 0.277623. The highest and the lowest prices for the past 24 hours were $0.279842 and $ 0.192953, respectively. And the all-time high price of the token is $ 0.279842. 

Altura coin’s market cap ranking is 348. Marketcap of the token is $167,666,570. Altura’s trading volume in the past 24 hours was $21,149,933. And the total supply in the market is 1,000,000,000.

Founder of the Altura NFT

Altura NFT was established by Majd Hailat and co-founded by Maxim Sindall. Majd is a graduate of the University of Toronto.

Maxim, who co-founded Altura Crypto Coin, is studying at the University of Toronto. He is completing the Bachelor of Engineering. 

Difference between NFT and Cryptocurrency

The major difference between the NFT and Cryptocurrency is that crypto can easily be traded. But NFTs cannot be traded as they are a special type of asset. Though these two can be traded with each other. 

Both are accessible digitally, but Cryptocurrency is basically for exchange and investment. On the other hand, NFTs are used to store content digitally and provide the content creator with all rights. 

How to purchase an Altura Crypto Coin

  1. Open the official website of binance to buy Altura Coin and register yourself.
  2. Then purchase the Bitcoin for the sum you want to swap in Altura.
  3. After that, link your trustwallet with wallet Metamask from your account registered on Binance.
  4. Now, connect your metamask wallet with swap software, for instance, pancake-swap or uniswap.
  5. Fill-in the value you wish to swap the Bitcoin with Altura token.


  1. Current price of Altura Coins in the market is?

The price for Altura coin in the market is standing at $ 0. 277623.

  1. Who founded Altura?

Maxim Sindall and Majd Hailat co-founded and founded the Altura tokens.

  1. What is the circulating supply of Altura Crypto Coin?

The circulating supply of this token in the market is 612,800,000

Final Verdict

The organization Altura NFT was very recently established. The prospects for this token are looking good as per the recent growth in a limited time. We are thrilled to follow the journey of this token as its blockchain services are one of their kind. Altura is an NFT system blockchain used for gaming too.

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