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Alpha_glasses Twitter: Explore Full Details On Alpha Glasses Twitter Video de Holder

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Alpha_glasses Twitter to learn all about Tomás Holder’s latest viral video.

The video of Alpha_glasses went viral on 4th/May/2023, featuring Tomás Holder in physical action with a young brunette in a bead room. The video is mostly searched in Argentina and Uruguay, as Tomás’s hometown is Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Tomás is also famous for participating in Gran Hermano season 10 from day one. But he got eliminated on the 7th day. 

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About video de Holder:

The video of Tomás was uploaded on one of the grownup websites in Argentina. The website is compatible with mobile browsers as it is a .mobi website. However, it has an HTTP protocol and a www domain. Hence, it is also accessible on PC browsers.

The video de Tomás is 00:01:33 minutes long, in standard definition, and approximately 4.36 MB in size for 220 pixels. Tomás’s grownup video is not available in HD. The video featured Tomás and a brown-haired young girl performing the physical acts on a bed.

In Alpha Glasses Twitter Video de Holder, Tomás was seen in full action. Tomás filmed the video with the help of a mobile selfie camera. At several movements, Tomás was seen adjusting the camera and keeping it in proximity to capture beat movements in action.

About the video going viral:

The video immediately went viral as Tomás shared it. The video was uploaded on several websites, and the install link redirected users to Valery Jack’s Telegram account to join the group and view the group chats and uploads.

Alpha_glasses Twitter Tomás is famous as he has a well-built physique. Tomás is young, energetic, and a TikTok star with over 500K followers. His grownup video was appreciated by many of his followers. Tomás uploaded the video with the tagline “I’m proud of you” to motivate his subscribers.

However, several viewers were shocked upon viewing the video and started posting memes. The memes included cartoon characters washing their eyes, tearing their eyes, Micky Mouse hurting his eyes, and a human skull opening his mouth wide open. 

Several meme videos also started circulating online showing his followers sitting with steroid supplements and getting laid down on the chair.

About Alpha_glasses Twitter Tomás Holder:

Tomás started his TikTok account in 2021. He posts videos related to bodybuilding. He collaborated with 38-years old TikTok Star Noel Deyzel, a bodybuilder, and posted several clips on physical exercise. 

Tomás, date of birth is 1st/January. However, his year of birth is undetermined. He became famous on TikTok after posting a dance video on – La Bachata song by Manuel Turizo. Tomás is also seen dancing to the rhythms and songs of World Music Singer Ricardo Arjona, Rihanna, A Tu Merced by Bad Bunny, and Todo De Ti by R&B Singer Rauw Alejandro.

The reaction of Tomás to the Alpha_glasses Twitter viral video:

After the video went viral, several posts on TikTok gained more than 309.8M views overall!

Tomás came out in a good mood to answer the media’s and his followers’ questions. His followers asked spicy questions about what he liked about physical relationships. The latest viral video of Tomás also showed him focusing on the same through the clip.

Social media links:

  • Due to inappropriate content, the social media and website links for Tomás’s Alpha_glasses Twitter grownup video are excluded.
  • Tomás Holder’s Twitter account


The viral video file is unavailable on social media platforms. It is available on several grownup websites. The term Alpha_glasses used for his video is confused with the Twitter account of @Alpha_glasses user and Alpha Glasses Binoculars! Tomás, a Capricorn by Zodiac in his year of Rabbit (兔) in the Chinese Zodiac, hopes the video works out for his popularity.

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Alpha_glasses Twitter – FAQ

1Q. Why is the term Alpha Glasses and Twitter tossed with the viral video of Tomás?

Because the netizens confused the @Alpha_glasses Twitter account being related to some form of inappropriate content as @Alpha_glasses Twitter posts were recently removed due to violation of Twitter policies.

2Q. Is the identity of the women in the video revealed?

No. However, pictures are circulating online with Tomás’s girlfriend, who has been featured several times on TikTok. But she is not the woman in the grownup video.

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