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Alligator Attack Florida Video: Was Woman Walking in Fort Pierce? Is It Getting Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Telegram? Find Youtube & Twitter Links Here!

Alligator Attack Florida Video has summarized the details of the raptor attack that killed an 85-year-old resident of Florida.

Have you seen the new video that shows an alligator lunging out at a Florida woman? Has the woman and her dog survived the alligator attack or succumbed to injuries? A horrific incident occurred on 20th February 2023 at the Spanish Lake community in Florida, United States. 

The 911 audio of the woman helper and alligator attack video has captured the tragic and terrifying moment. Alligator Attack Florida Video has summarized the Monday incident and shared related links.


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Gloria Serge 85, Attacked by Alligator:

An eighty-five-year-old Florida woman was walking with her dog near Spanish Lake in Fort Piece When an Alligator quietly lunged at the dog. The reptile grabbed and pulled her into the Lake as she tried to protect the dog.

Alligator Attack Clip, Viral On Reddit:

The clip of the reptile attack has gone viral on social media sites in Canada as 911 audio, and a full video of the attack was uploaded on the internet. A viral video shows an older woman looking away while a reptile approached them quietly. Some digital media reports suggest that Wildlife’s camera captured the entire attack incident.

The audio of the 911 distress caller is available on Youtube that describes the panic moment as it happened. Carol Thomas, 77, is the caller that tried to help Gloria and wanted to hit the reptile with a pole. As the rescue team asked for the older woman’s current status, Carol replied that Alligator had taken her down and she couldn’t see Serge on the surface. 

The panic-stricken woman tried to save Gloria, but Alligator was too quick for Carol.

Alligator Attack Incident on Twitter:

The audio and videos of the 20th of February are trending on social media sites. Mainstream media share the attack video and the helper’s distressed call to 911 on their social media account. The older woman succumbed to the injuries on Monday afternoon.

According to the audio of the Fort Pierce Alligator Attack incident, Gloria was out of women’s sight for eight minutes, and later her body resurfaced on the water. The Florida authorities have warned locals against navigating near the water bodies with their pets. The FWC has asked people to maintain their distance from the gator in case they spot it at some place.

FWC Response to Florida Woman Alligator Attack:

The FWC officials took the 911 call and reached the gator attack spot quickly. The old lady’s body was recovered from Lake, and officials declared her dead due to injuries. The 11-foot raptor was located from the helicopter and dragged out of the pond. The gator capture and attack video are available on Tiktok. 

Social Media Reaction to Florida Raptor Attack

Netizens shared their opinion on several reptile attacks taking place each year in Florida. They also discussed increasing heat and mating season as the primary cause behind the aggressive behavior of the reptile. People shared their encounters with the gator and concluded that it is present in every water body in Florida.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

People should keep their distance from Alligator and report the instances to FWC officials at 866-392-4286. Although Alligators attacks are rare in Florida, people should remain alert near water bodies. 

Are alligators present in water bodies near you? Please comment.

Florida Alligator Attack Video: FAQs

Q.1 What is the Alligator fatal attack ratio in Florida?

The Alligator fatal attack ratio is 1 in 3.1 million.

Q.2 How many people were killed in the raptor attack in Florida last year?

Around 3 people have been killed in the raptor attack since July 2022.

Q.3 What is a complete form of FWC?

The complete form of FWC is Florida Fish and Wild Life Conservation Commission.

Q.4 Is the Florida Attack video available on Telegram?

We have not seen the Florida attack video on this platform.

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